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My dad shocked me! He found Xbox with VC disk.


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I was so shocked that my dad found inside a box, my Xbox original & a disk of Vice City baby, yeah!! & another disk that came with it. I think its Liberty City?..


I would buy this game in mobile or ps4 but I own an XB1 & my money is for college, Lord willing.

So I plugged my Xbox & insert the disk, to my surprise it looks really good. Sure not like the new games out now but I finally understand that a fun gta is what its all about. Man, my childhood game & I now suck at this for now.


Thought Id share my story here.

If there are any things that unlock for weapons or such, Id love that.


I hate cheats but Im using the lower wanted cheats since in the beginning the bridge is closed I cheat a tank. Make 1 mil. Now I dont need to cheat no more.

Just for those properties & guns.

Next play though I wont use no cheat.

I found max Payne & the fall of MP..lol.


Vice City, no online or shark cards..This is a fun GTA.


Question? Does the disk that came with VC is GTA3?

Ill come back tonight here to learn from you guys.

Ahhh, the soundtrack is the best.

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I have similiar memories as yours. I used to play with dad on our old computer. I have so much memories with this game, and the soundtrack always gets me. Like you have written, VC is fun GTA. I'm always sticking with a sentence, that no matter what my friends or GTA community says, the GTA Vice City will be forever the greatest from the entire GTA Univervse. I wish that we will see sunny Vice once more in GTA VI.

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best way to play GTA3 or ViceCity is on XBOX or PS2 i own both and its my favourite way to play these games

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