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Another "Game Crashes" Since Update Thread!


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Okay, I am not getting my usual post-update crash of V. Instead of getting a message about Scripthook V, which usually happens before Blade updates it, now my game gets all the way to the loading screen (music, crashing glass, and after the menu that comes up allowing you to choose Online, SP, etc.) and I am getting the loading music and the "tips" with the various advertisements. But then I get a message that "GTA V Has Stopped Working" and the whole "check for solutions" nonsense, so I just X out of that.


I downloaded and updated the latest versions of:


Scripthook V


Open IV



I can't think of anything else that might be going on. I am not even 100% sure this is mod related. Could be my aging PC for all I know, lol. But GTA has always worked just fine on my older rig. Oh and I tried rebooting my PC, too. That didn't work.


Any help would be much appreciated!


I will wait for some answers, and worse comes to worse, I will uninstall and re-download the game without mods to see what happens.




Edit: Okay, it looks like its definitely mod-related! After making this thread, I opened up the Mod Manager and un-checked ALL mods before starting the game, and it loaded up and plays fine. Hmmmmm I am wondering if I should delete all the mod files from my main game directory (ScripthookV, Native Trainer, ScripthookVDotNet, etc.) and then re-copy them from the download directories?


Edit#2: For the most part, deleting the mods and re-copying them seems to have done the trick. The only thing I cannot get to work now is the No Restricted Areas Mod. I can live without it, I suppose, since I rarely go into those areas anyway, and when I do, I can usually fight my way back out. But anyone else having a problem with the Restricted Area Mod since the latest update?

Edited by ChiroVette
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