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Doomsday update vechiles


Recommended Posts

Which doomsday vechicles did you buy that you like and which do you dislike and why.

Edited by Davycs
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pariah, i dont even realize i want it. It sounds good, especially when fire up the engine, and it fulfills my dream or owning an Ferrari F12 TDF, sad that it branded as ocoelot, weird.

second, i would say is the yosemite, just pure fun! and tons of customisation options.

the one i hate the most would be the deluxo, dont get me wrong, it is a fun car and does looks good. But R* dont let us to own the civilian version of it anf force us to buy the multimillion weaponised one is grinding my gears

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Sevestra so far. One of the best looking cars in the game.

Hermes same reason above.

Edited by MikeyDLuffy
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Haven`t bought it, but I really liked the Comet SR from testing. Plan on placing it beside my GT3 RS inspired Comet.

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Dislike is easy: don't get me started on anything 'weaponized' or whatever... Even something that's not totally from the realm of fiction, like the Chernobog - it's well done, sure, but it's still galling to think that we're getting Russian SAM trucks, yet still not affordable '90s cars like you'd actually see in real-life L.A. :/


Just out of the regular cars, I find things like the Revolter and Raiden frustrating - as much as R*-designed cars have been getting better on the whole, there are still a bunch that are jarring mashups of random unrelated cars. For example, when Watch Dogs 2 can do a really good Tesla-style electric sedan by combining elements from both the Model S and Model X, then making some additional tweaks, there's no reason for R* to take a Model S and sandwich it between a front apparently based on the Ford Evos concept, and the rear from an Aston Martin Vanquish. :dontgetit:



Fortunately, there's a bunch of stuff I really like: the Hustler is fantastic, with a healthy selection of options - if you're going to do a '32 Ford hot rod, then yeah, that's as good a way to go about it as any. The 190z was a nice surprise, and while there are a handful of things I'd change about it (more custom options, a G-nose option, base the rear/interior on a Kenmeri Skyline instead of the 2000GT), I'm really looking forward to it.


The Hermes is great - not quite on a par with the Hustler in terms of options or design (it's more Chevy than Merc now, and it would have been nice to have the airbag suspension as an upgrade), but still very cool to have. And the GT500 crept up on me - wasn't wowed by it initially, but the more I look into it, the more I really appreciate the job done by whoever designed it. Authentic racing stripes based on actual Ferraris, a unique interior that's faithful to the real car, and an exterior to match (no Raiden-style hodge-podge here!)? In that regard, it might be one of the nicest things to come with this update - if only R* designed all their cars like that... :sigh:



(still on the fence about the Deluxo - car looks terrific, but I resent it coming with gimmicks as standard, and holy granola, that price tag... :blink:)

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Combat vehicles:

  • Avenger - Who doesn't love a flying tank that can be put on hover and rain death without any risk to yourself?
  • Akula - Stalking has never been more fun.
  • Khanjali - A little disappointing regarding its explosive resistance and lack of any actual stealth feature, but it's still a fun vehicle for the right situations.


For leisure:

  • Viseris - I expected a nice-looking garage queen. I got something that once again allows me to soar through the freeways at 300+ kph after Bikers nerfed the RE-7B.
  • Hermes - Looks good, and surprisingly is free for those who bothered to log in.




Combat vehicles:

  • Chernobog - Yes, the missiles are second-to-none, but the platform itself just sucks so hard with its lack of defense, mobility, or the very critical elevation angle.
  • Deluxo - I like it as a toy, but for actual combat it's just clunky, especially with KB-and-mouse controls on PC (Seriously, RMB to fire even in the sky?).


For leisure:

  • Streiter - It's almost like Rockstar doesn't want my money.



Note: Yet-to-be-released dripfeed vehicles are not evaluated.

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avenger, khanjali, thruster, rcv, chernobog - bought these because they can't be sold (a rather stupid reason)

barrage - got one with a cliffford logo because it's cool.

deluxo, hermes - do i need to explain?

pariah - a stupid car that i put in a disgusting garage along with other disgusting vehicles that i have to have:




gonna buy kamacho, neon and hustler when these come out as well.



  • Viseris - I expected a nice-looking garage queen. I got something that once again allows me to soar through the freeways at 300+ kph after Bikers nerfed the RE-7B.



Edited by oleg_aka_djmeg
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