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Cannot find Default Male Multiplayer audio

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Ive been looking through GTA IV's files and I am having trouble finding these files... I was able to find the Female audio, but it seems that the Male audio is either stored elsewhere or is not named properly...


I noticed in game while using the SNT to change to a MP model it keeps pointing to an audio archive "M_Y_Multiplayer" Yet I cannot seem to find it anywhere. even OpenIV has only been able to find the model & texture archive for it and not the sound.




anyone have any idea on where they are?

Edited by Wakka387

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B Dawg

Well, the thing is, Male Multiplayer doesn't have a default voice pack. His voice is randomly selected from various gang members every time you make/join a new multiplayer lobby/game. It's pretty dope. For example: A White MP character gets voices from various Lost and AOD bikers, sometimes from Irish Gangsters, etc...


Open up the voice packs of M_Y_GBIK_LO_01 (+Gang), _LO_02 (+Gang), _HI_01 (+Gang), _GBIK02_LO_02 (not sure about this one), _GIRI_LO_01, all of these are used for the White Male (at least for MP Head Option 11), there's probably some I've missed, and there are different ones for different model/texture variations of the same race. I often use a trainer/menu to play as a Biker, and notice the same voice lines being used. If you try to play voice lines via Simple Native Trainer while playing as the MP Character, you'll hear a different voice almost every time.

Edited by B Dawg

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