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Big Molio

Help with prop snapping, and the advanced position / rotation tool

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Big Molio

Does anybody know whether the Doomsday heist changed this feature, or is it a settings issue (XBOX One)


Previously in creator, if I snapped a piece of track to another for example, then went to the Advanced settings and Position, switched from World to Local, and made adjustment of the X, Y and Z axis values, this would move the second piece of track relative to its position, i.e. snapped to the first.


So if I wanted I just adjust the position in the directions of the track, and could pull it away and make a gap in the track for example. All very accurate.


Now what happens is that going into the advanced position defaults the rotation settings of the second piece of track to X: 0,00 Y: 0,00 and Z: 0,00, and this automatically moves it away from the first piece and spins it around to the default settings above


This is bloody annoying, but it only appears to have started after DH DLC (along with red arrows for World advanced position, yellow arrows for Local)


Any ideas?

Edited by Big Molio

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After snapping, just override the position and the rotation and make the changes there. I thought it had always been like that...

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It's a bug introduced with doomsday. Previously affected Deathmatches after smugglers run. But now it's affecting races after DDH

Edited by sleepwalk1980

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Big Molio

Damn, hope they fix it. Makes the creator a bit useless tbh

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Noticed that as well, annoying, as well...
So far no fix.

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Ok I haven't been in the Race creator since a while, now I get it. What you could still do is use a prop as a supporting structure, for example a large building block. Get the correct rotation via edit -> cancel, select your supporting prop and place it. then put your props on top of it (with prop stacking) and aling them using the straight lines that you can see on the prop. That way, the props keep exactly the same rotation.


Still hope Rockstar will fix that, but i guess the soonest we can expect that is with the next update...

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