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What Should I get?


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I currently have 1.2 million dollars almost 1.3 million, and I want to know what sort of business I should start. Should I buy a hangar, facility, office, bunker or club? Thanks! (I am looking to make the most money possible, or what is the most profitable)

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Office for sure, best first purchase you can do. And then you should save up money for vehicle warehouse - great solo money making, and which is not get bored after a week.

And then bunker of course - great passive profit, also some researches.

Edited by WillProx
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Build a healthier bank balance before you think about investing into any business broke boi


Office and I/E warehouses are your best bet though.

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Office and I/E warehouse first.

THEN get the Facility. You won't turn a profit on the facility right away, the first act won't even cover the costs. Even if you do it with one guy taking 15%, so it's more important you buy a business that can turn a profit.


I'd say the Clubhouse should be after that, just to have access to Contracts. Then the Bunker, and lastly... the Hangar unless you REALLY want the aircraft, cause that business is utter sh*t and terrible at making money

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I agree with everyone else. Definitely get the office first and work on some CEO missions. Also, to help with funds, a good bet at the moment is to do Lester's contact missions as they are double money and RP. You can easily net $20-$30k per mission. After you've built up enough money, vehicle warehouse.


The hangar is never really that great at money making and the bunker isn't super profitable until you do the upgrades to improve the stock quality.

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I/E and the bunker is probably the only business I would consider having, but most importantly you have to consider the time it takes to break even. It really depends on your playtime, dedication and preferred activities whether a business is even suitable to you.


As a short overview:

The cheapest warehouse of I/E costs $ 1.500.000, to be most profitable you need to source 32 vehicles first. Then you have the ability to only sell top range cars, which will give you $ 80.000 profit without deducting any damage whether it is sourcing or selling. Your profit might be closer to $ 60.000 on average.

If you need 10 minutes to source vehicles, it will take 320 minutes for 32 vehicles. If you sell a vehicle you have to source one first and then you will be able to sell it. This will take 10 minutes each and there is a 20 minute waiting period in between.

320 minutes for sourcing


10 minutes for each sourcing

10 minutes for each sale

20 minutes cool down


If you take an average profit of $ 60.000 for every sale, you need to sell at least 25 vehicles to break even on the cheapest warehouse.


This will take you, including sourcing, about 22 hours to break even. There are other variables such as that there is a smaller cool down for sourcing cars, but overall it should be fairly representative. You can never know what time it will take you to do certain activities and sales are never always perfect.



The cheapest bunker with the 3 business updates will cost you $ 3.269.500.

If you buy the supplies for $ 75.000 it will take 144 minutes (with upgrades) to create $ 140.000 worth of product. If you sell it far it will reward you with $ 210.000.


I absolutely hate the sale mission with the buggy, because the markers are in the most inconvenient places. Personally, I also need the 15 minutes for each sale.


That's 144 minutes to create the product and 15 minutes to sell, which totals to 159 minutes for $ 135.000 profit if you sell far.


$ 3.269.500 divided by $ 135.000 will come to roughly 25 sales.

25 times 159 minutes equals to 66,25 h.


Of course this is passive income and you just need to sell every 2,4 hours but from experience I can tell you that I just sell it if I have nothing better to do, not playing with my friends or do any races etc.


Also it takes quite a while until I've loaded in a solo public session, if you do it in a full server, there might be some losses.



This really shows you, it takes a very long time to make profit on the businesses and it is not for the individual who only plays this game occasionally.


If you're short on money I wouldn't buy any business, rather spend it on cars or other stuff and do one of the many multiplayer activities such as missions, races or heists.

Edited by IbrahimLafayette
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Regarding the bunker versus I/E. Combined they are the best forms of freemode earning - but which should you get first?


Well it depends. I/E is likely to earn you money faster especially if you own a cargobob. However, it depends how you're spending your time. I'm doing Heists a lot at the moment, and obviously the bunker continues to fill up while you do missions out of freemode.


So if you just want to earn money quick and don't care about heists and missions, get the vehicle warehouse first maybe. But if you're going to be doing a lot of heists, get the bunker first. I also might favour the bunker first to start clearing the research asap - the most cost effective way to do that is to have a full supply bar, set all your guys on research and leave the machine on overnight (using the security cams to avoid the idle kick).

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Office, if you're going to get into businesses. Save up for a vehicle warehouse, and then if you have a Hydra or one of the attack helicopters, the grind becomes really easy. Source a car, call in your vehicle, do Headhunter, fly back to your office, repeat.


CEO businesses tend to make more money than other businesses, but there's a risk/reward thing going on there. You have to pay for your merchandise, and there's a risk that it'll get damaged or destroyed. If it isn't, you'll make a healthy profit. MCs and hangars and bunkers only require the cost of buying the locations; all your supplies can be stolen from NPCs, so after a couple sales it's all profit from there. It's slower, but safer.

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The Wandering Hunter

import export is a good investment and just behind it id say is the bunker because you need upgrades, because the sales can be stupid and because bunker work in s public loby is much harder than ie in a maxed out super.


in an mtu loby combining both with some vip work is a good way to make money but i got board before i broke even and that was during 2x

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I always tell people to invest into the bunker + bunker upgrades. Yes it is a short amount of 3 mil, but its a GREAT passive income and you can break even with just 3-5 sales so its definitely worth it. After that, buy an office, get an I/E warehouse, dont worry about crates because lets face it - crates f*cking suck. When you get the i/e warehouse, do the 10/10/12 method. 10 standard range cars (make sure there are no repeats), 10 mid range cars (again, no repeats), and after that, youll source nothing but top range cars (but make sure you dont carry over 12 top range in your warehouse, ALWAYS keep it 12 and below) after you make your profits, buy a facility and play the new heists. After THAT, try to invest into a MOC or a avenger, so you can get yourself the MK2 weapons and have the ability to do the missions for trade prices on some vehicles. DONT buy a hangar, not worth it if youre a lone wolf. If you have friends that can help you with air freight missions, sure go ahead, as for the MC clubhouse, just go ahead and buy it, its only 200,000. Use it for MC contracts, and with the MC buisinesses, get the cocaine lockup, its the highest paying one and the only one worth getting. Thats my guide into gta grinding 101. Hope this helped my dude.

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Office + vehicle warehouse. About 2.5 mil without upgrades though. But its the most safe and fast way to get the money back selling IE vehicles. You can make money as a solo player or with org members.


Bunkers good but itll take you a couple months to be done with all the research unless you really put your soul into it. Plus when selling bunker supplies you must be at least two.


I do IE every time I log on. If I have an evening to play Ill make at least 500k. If I log on for an hour Ill make at least 100-200k.


Thats what I like about IE, its always possible to make at least some profit, even if its small.

But you should read up on the 10/10/12 strategy and all that, it helps.

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