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SHLD Phantom LE

SHLD PMC is Recruiting {Xbox One}

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SHLD Phantom LE

Hello all,

My name is SHLD Phantom LE and I am a Representative of the Gaming Community known as SHLD. Our purpose today, and hopefully what this post accomplishes, is to gather skilled members of the PMC,Milsim,and Defense Sectors/Industries of GTAO.


SHLD is a gaming community created late 2015. For a complete history I direct you to our official site, www.shldnation.com , however our official GTAO Operations didn't start until around a year ago.

Operations and Equipment:

We are not very big, but that is expected to change with current methods and personnel. We are currently operating in Assisted Aim, however we do offer training for both FA and AA. We are a respectful community, as such weapons such as Rocket Launchers and other equipment deemed,cancerous,is restricted until authorized.


We have a fully functioning rank structure and stable chain of command with fast paced communications network that allows operations to be expedited to allow for accurate planning and execution of Operations. We work on a Platoon Style Organization for many Operations. An example:

Platoon Commander: Lieutenant

Platoon Sergeant: Sergeant First Class

Squad Leader: Sergeant

Squad Members: Specialists to Privates


Some of the benefits are similar to other crews of our nature, such as training sessions and Mission Training. Some of the other training include Management training, Specialization Training, and Field Operations Training. Some of the more unique opportunities are game nights in which we occasionally offer shark cards as rewards and name changes for the more dedicated employ.

Basic Requirements:

1. Follow All Orders, it's simple really.

2. Be in assigned uniform prescribed by Officers.

3. One of the more important ones, be over 16 years old.

4. Have a Mic, if you don't it will be difficult to communicate to relay orders.

5. Loyalty never hurts, so this is obviously a requirement.

6. Have or be willing to download Discord.

7. Be willing to create an account on our website for updates from Upper Leadership.

Special Operations:

We are currently working on a special operation called Operation Guardian Angel, in which we will be operating and assisting other communities in creating a better community. The main goal and objective is to improve the GTA Community. Yes, this is indeed ambitious and most likely impossible on a grand scale. However with precise operations planning and management, we can improve a decent amount. Our secondary objective in this is to improve the reputation of our community in hopes that other crews will see as a indispensable resource, keeping us busy and respected among the community.

Contact Methods:

Interested in us, this ad catch your attention or hell even interest you, well then feel free to contact me at the following methods:

Xbox: SHLD Phantom LE

Discord: SHLD Phantom LE#4139

Email: [email protected]

Crew Social Club:https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/shld_nation


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SHLD Phantom LE


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No mention of the LS Conventions?

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