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Freelance Roleplay [Police / EMS / Civilian] [Serious Roleplay] [Loads of Jobs]

George Michael

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George Michael



    Hello there and thank you for checking out this recruitment post

    We hope you consider joining us, you will not regret it.





    Hello, my name is George Michael (Not the dead singer) and I am a representative of
    Freelance Roleplay.
    There are a lot of opportunities with joining
    Freelance Roleplay
    such as, joining a new experience with strict role-players, make new friends, learn new ways of rising your roleplay business or gangs.


    Session Times



    Monday-Friday - 7pm GMT - Sat-Sun- 7pm (Might have an earlier sesh)



    Fun Lobbies

    We don't just focus on roleplay all the time, we focus on making our players experience with the community more enjoyable and comfortable. This includes when we are not roleplaying you can play with new people in the community and do missions, mess around with new DLC etc. We don't want to bore you out with roleplay all the time, we want you to enjoy yourself.



    Personally I can say yes, I do play FiveM and Arma 3 roleplay servers but I felt like console roleplay communities deserve much better. So if you are a PC gamer with roleplay experience willing to give a hand to console roleplay communities then that would be a big help. If you or you know someone who is a PC roleplayer that has a console and willing to give a hand that would be appreciated. We appreciate any advertisement you can give to our community and we will pay you back for recruiting members.







    Our future with
    Freelance Roleplay
    we are hopefully going to strive to our future idea of hosting a second session which is going to be based on Military Roleplay. With this vision we feel like if we got the right support by amazing members and a big admin team full of hosters we would be able to host these two sessions and we concentrate on not just to look big and popular, but to give people a new community who provides variety of things to do.






    So we all know we couldn't roleplay without an amazing group of civilians who are willing to roleplay to their best of their ability. They are our main source of roleplay, this includes roleplaying setting up a business and recruiting people and causing damage or even getting into trouble. Or it could even be you want to set up your own gang and go around causing problems with other gangs and having fights. All these opportunities are unlimited for civilians. All you need to do is use your imagination to roleplay different scenarios and build your characters reputation. So if you are one of those roleplayers with a big image on what you want to do, then all you need to do is sit down and talk with an admin and get it set up. Opportunities are unlimited, just try not to get caught by the police or getting yourself taken back to the hospital.



    Police Department

    So our Police Department. Well there are many things the Police Department can provide to you. Serious roleplay, strict roleplay communication, CAD system, SOPS and all. This department has been thoroughly thought through and decided on who bests fits as chief and how the department is managed. We currently have everything set up and now looking for some amazing new officers to join us and help keep Los Santos a safer place. We feel like there should not be any messing around as we do not want to ruin the strict roleplay theme, but also give realistic training and in game experience that a real officer would go through.




    Emergancy Medical Services

    So our EMS. They play a more in depth roleplay and a realistic feel to all of our roleplay during the sessions. However, we are currently looking for a new EMS Chief and to fill the EMS command roles and get EMS up and running. So if you are with that talent and knowledge of EMS and you are willing to place yourself in that chief position, then all you need to do is contact myself or any other admins in the community.





    So if you are interested in joining
    Freelance Roleplay
    and you would like to have an amazing roleplay experience to carry over to other communities, all you need to do is go through a short interview. Then we can decide the fact if we can let you roleplay or not.



    Age Policy: 16+ (May be exceptions but cannot promise)



    Interview Discord:








    Social Club


Edited by George Michael
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