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What research is important to get?


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Longtime player here coming back from a long hiatus- last played about a year ago. The bunker research is all new to me- only upgrade I heard about was the explosive sniper (obviously).


What other research do you guus think is important/cool to get?

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Well, the game chooses what you will research at random, so you may get a BUNCH you don't want between any that you do.


The MkII guns have more than just Ammo to improve with. Scopes, barrels, etc.

If you're gonna have an Oppressor, the missiles make it a deathdealer

The Juggernaut outfit has to be researched to own. Now that the Gun Range glitch it patched, I can't find a reason to own one.

If you want a Weaponized Tampa the dual-minigun turret upgrade is a huge improvement over the single-fixed default gun.

The vehicle and gun liveries are all very important! /s


Paying to instantly complete the research sucks cash like the hookers in East Los Santos. If you can, let the supplies turn into research while you're AFK overnight (with your character watching the security monitors) or doing something else in-game. IIRC, $75k of paid supplies completes at least 1.5 items, as opposed to just 85% of a full solo sale of guns.

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Anything that isn't liveries to be honest. Why liveries need a tank and a Railgun is beyond me.


But yeah, going into detail; definately the weapon related research such as scopes, magazines, etc. They considerably improve the weapons.

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Well since you can't choose any of them.. just save 11m and then fast track them all haha.

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Missiles for Opressor

Dual Chainguns for Tampa

Gun Mods

Thermal Scope for Heavy Sniper

Explosive Rounds

Dual Cannons for Half-Track

Heavy Armor for Tampa (aka the only car which could use the armor)

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Paying to instantly complete the research sucks cash like the hookers in East Los Santos.



Also yeah OP the research is random so just try to unlock it all or keep unlocking until you get the item you want

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The Wandering Hunter

explosive rounds, and anything you like the look of. oppressor missiles aren't that useful with the new armed vehicles out.

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You don't really have a choice over what research you get and when you're gonna get it.


So it's pretty much all or nothing.

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