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Would anyone like to see a system similar to the Peyote Plants in RDR 2?

Similar Peyote Plant System?  

15 members have voted

  1. 1. Yes or no?

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So I've been playing NG GTA V and I really loved the peyote plant transformations. Would you like to see a similar system in RDR 2?


Of course, it doesn't have to be consumable peyote plants. It could be that hallucinogenic wood that Natives used to burn to make it look like spirits were talking to them.

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It would be pretty cool. I definitely did enjoy that feature in the current gen GTA V.

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Peyote plants are Native American cultural thing. Cheyenne I believe, so it is possible that we could see something like that based on the wildlife that has been showed off so far.

Edited by PapaFuerte

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well if rockstar adds director mode into RDR2 then yes we should be seeing a similar system to unlock playable animals.

Edited by Safari

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I'm 99.9% sure we will see a huge variety of them. It would be a big mistake for R* to not add plants to the game like this.

1. Director Mode, Rockstar Editor - are their brand new features which had and have a great success...
2. If you want to fly in RDR2 - the only one way is play by a bird. Assassin's Creed Origins as an example.
3. We can't imagine nowadays a game without Photomode - modern players and community creates special accounts dedicated to gaming and shares their works worldwide via social networks as Twitter, Instagram, and YT. Not giving the players a legit way to snap and capture in-game moments will kill the respect to developers.
4. Different snapmatic and video contests for the players - is a great opportunity to motivate players to use R* Editor and show people's art and snap skills.

To sum up, and according to GTA5 experience, I believe we will see peyotes and R* Editor as well.

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If I'm in an online shootout and my opponent(s) are eating them, yes.

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I doubt there will be a physical plant as R* don't often copy and paste but maybe a challenge to unlock certain animals like hunt 20 eagles to unlock the eagle in director mode idk something like that would be different and fun.

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