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Another delay?

RDR2 Delay  

80 members have voted

  1. 1. We're into another info drought. Do you think RDR2 is going to be delayed again?

    • Yes
    • No
    • It's like, cancelled, man

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I'm thinking February 6th is do or die. If we get past that date with no information, I'm certain the game will be delayed until late Sep/Early Oct.

I would love if prior to February 6th they make an announcement with a May release date and some screenshots, but this silence is testing my faith.

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Actually as I understand it, the days leading up to Feb 7th are the most dangerous.


If a delay is in fact coming, it must be announced before the investor call to inform the investors and see how bad the impact on their stock is.


If nothing has been announced by next Wednesday, it's anybody's guess...

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Mister Pink

I think they're trying to figure out the monetization of multiplayer especially after the EA/Star Wars debacle. GTA V got a free pass with Shark Cards except for a few vocal minorities which opposed. I think the EA thing is worrying for any developer looking to monetize online play. The gaming community is pretty angry about these cynical practices. Of course this upcoming investor call would certainly be a big factor in online monetization and investors might want to see if they can repeat GTA V's Shark Cards success. Is it worth the risk of public kickback if it's pay to win or a grind or pay situation like GTA V?


That's not saying Rockstar aren't being perfectionists on this game either. I personally don't mind another delay. I've not been hyping myself for this game or least I'm trying to set myself realistic expectations. I'm not going to look at mapping RDR2 or trailer analysis. The best video games you can play are the video games you know nothing of going in to it. Everything is a surprise and everything is new. Zero spoilers, moderate and realistic expectations, all the way, baby. I would actually love if they just released the game with no other info.


I'm going try stick to my guns and not buy RDR2 if it's grind or pay. I don't want to support that kind practice. I would actually just prefer paying for DLC but good, big episodic DLC than freemium bullsh*t.

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I don't think they will do freemium bs. They wouldn't jeopardize that. Rockstar had a lot of success with simply releasing free DLC every few months and having microtransactions as an option. As long as sh*t doesn't get too expensive in-game it shouldn't be a problem.

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Hunter S. Compton

Are you a dope? That’s literally what Freemium means. It’s techincally free but If you pay a premium it’s easier/faster/better....

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Sorry pay to play whatever. When I think "freemium" I think of sh*t mobile games that are barely fun enough and have timed activities that basically force you to pay. Also you pay the $60 up front for the game so it's not free off the bat.

Edited by Sobchak
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