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Burn Your Bridges air race


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Since the last update, a) they removed custom vehicles from the race, and b) at the start of the race the Mallard has no control and nose dives into the ground.

Edited by Riprock
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I've had this too. It seemed unsual that we could use our own hydras in races which didn't even allow a standard hydra. I'm guessing that when the Races were made years ago, they didn't envisage custom vehicles needing to be turned off.

Edited by StormerBoy
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Most likely as above. What's worse is I would doubt anyone's going to go over all these aging issues and get them sorted.

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Creating your own version might be the best way to go, I fear Gaffa is spot on about it getting fixed.

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I used it too for that reason, but got bored and tried others.


I love it when I get; fly under bridge in air race and complete a gta race, I feel so clever doing both together.

Edited by StormerBoy
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Same, also add Non-Contact to that as well.


The trifecta would be: complete an air race, participate in a non-contact race, and fly under a bridge in an air race. 😂

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I have also experienced the issue recently in Burn your Bridges where the Mallard dips down at the start and doesn't seem to have any power. I also experienced the same thing in the Gauntlet II transform race where you start in the Molotok. On that occasion it was in a big lobby as well so it appears the issue isn't isolated to when playing solo.


If doing daily objectives a good alternative to Burn your Bridges is Loose Canyon which is great for flying under bridges.

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yes everytime i only use the race for daily objective

Does anyone elses plane have no control off the start though?

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