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[DEV-Question] Shipped OpenIV.asi not working

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Hello everybody,
I'm currently developing an Sync System using FastRsyncNet.

I tested the whole System now with multiple Users and there are currently only two known Bugs.


- Shipping of OpenIV.asi doesn't work.
Whilst testing it with my Testing Team, we found out that syncing the OpenIV.asi causes an Issue.
I was taking my own OpenIV.asi, had it on my Server and created an Function in my Script to Download this File and place it in "bin/asis" (GTMP Installation)
That way, the Game started and GTMP Injected successfully but the Cars didn't load (No Log Output, just regular start output)
But when I instructed my Tester Team to install the OpenIV.asi via ASI Manager to their GTA DIR and move it to the "bin/asis" folder, it suddenly worked.
Has this maybe something to do with the Encryption and is there any way, for me as an Developer, to ship an OpenIV.asi, working on most/all Systems?

- Loading more than 2 Car Addons, causes GTMP to Inject and load into SP
This Bug is a bit weird, and maybe not an Topic for this Forum, but I wanted to mention it anyways.
When im loading more than 2 Car Addons via the dlclist.xml File, GTMP will start as usally, display the Injected Text ("Grand Theft Multiplayer is loading...")

but at the End of the "loading" it just switches to the SP somehow. Maybe any Ideas for this?

I would greatly appreciate helping me out in these two cases, but my main Problem for now is the Shipping of the OpenIV.asi (to fully automate syncing)
If I misspelled something, excuse me.

Have a great Night/Day.

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OpenIV Team

OpenIV.ASI is part of OpenIV and must not be distributed separately.

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