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The Mysterious History of H.E.R.E Team 2

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PC & PS4


The Mysterious History of H.E.R.E. Team 2 April 20th, 2013



Logan Ross

CEO/Creative Director

XSV Studios Inc.


So here I am another typical day at Lifeinvader listening to people I don’t like watch stupid cat videos and I need another post for The Fad Bible. Immediately I start trying to come up with ways I can get myself killed on the job so they can’t sue me for dying off the clock. About a hour into trying to suffocate myself in the vending machine in the stairwell nobody uses, I think I’ve come up with something. I’m gonna tell my boss I’m leaving for an interview, go right to the baddest bikers in town and start asking them questions like I’m wearing a wire. Rather than get a hold of anyone, I wanted to make myself as uninvited as possible and just drove to their clubhouse unannounced. I get there and as if my life couldn’t get any worse, I find out they have a club historian and he was more than happy to give me their story. Are you serious?! A club historian?!


I was surprised but he tells me this is common practice.


Here’s what I found out:


H.E.R.E. Team 2 was one of 4 Spec-Ops military units specifically trained for the interception and retrieval of national interests including drug and weapons shipments, VIP's, High-value Targets and basically anything labeled with a "priceless" value ranging from art to one of a kind vehicles. The units motto was "Aufero, Eludo, Adversor, Aberro" which translates to "Steal, Evade, Resist, Escape" but to be politically correct "Steal" was changed "Heist" as it somehow sounded less criminal yet more exciting.


The H.E.R.E. Unit and its 4 teams were created 1976 in response to Cold War developments and disbanded immediately after Operation Desert Storm in April, 1991. Several of the original members of H.E.R.E Team 2 and members of other H.E.R.E. teams found it was hard to adjust go back to regular civilian life. They created a Paramilitary organization under the name NorthCorp Protection which specialized in private security, couriership and assassination. The new NorthCorp got their boots on the ground quickly and got a foot in the door with by meeting Michael Klebitz, a Warrant Officer with the US Marine Corps, in 1999. Working with Klebitz and his men, NorthCorp grew in numbers while carrying out and assisting with missions all over the world. Primarily operating throughout the middle east and North Africa. Behind closed doors Northcorp was delivering "acquired" weapons to "Private Security Clients" such as Johnny Klebitz, brother of Michael Klebitz and Vice President of The Lost MC as Billy Grey, the current president at the time, was incarcerated for racketeering in 2002.


Things changed dramatically for the team in 2003 when Don Percival, an Ex-Navy Seal, created Merryweather Security using money he got from a coup in West Africa. His company quickly expanded with the help of stock market billionaire, Devin Weston. With seemingly endless money and Merryweather on speed dial, Weston talked WO Klebitz into voiding the contracts with Northcorp in 2004. Northcorp continued operations in the upcoming years but with the increasing competition from Merryweather, the company and its 700+ operators went bankrupt in 2006 with the company shutting down so fast many of the teams were left in operations with no way home. A handful of NorthCorp's former operators were quickly recruited by Merryweather. The founders of NorthCorp have since "disappeared".



The existence of the H.E.R.E. Unit wasn't made known until Percival proclaimed during a 2008 interview that "If it weren't for the H.E.R.E training from our former Marines and NorthCorp operators, we wouldn't have the operational capabilities and reputation we have today. I was doubtful that Devin could even buy soldiers this good but as my business partner he surprises me."



A video of the interview that was posted on Lifeinvader went viral making the public and officials question what "H.E.R.E. training" was. Soon after the government held a press conference and stated that “the ‘H.E.R.E.’ or High Efficiency Response Element training was a classified joint training initiative between the United States Marine Corps and NorthCorp Protection, abolished in 1991 shortly after Operation Desert Storm. It simply was no longer necessary”. The release was accompanied by the declassification of thousands of documents regarding the Marine Corp/NorthCorp relationship, all of which were heavily redacted, effectively keeping the unit unknown.



The few who made it out of the bankruptcy trickled home over the years and ended up finding each other in Los Santos where they kept doing what they loved, contract killing, robbing gun and drug shipments and really any other criminally profitable endeavour. They did this under the name H.E.R.E Team 2 as a symbol of solidarity for those who didn’t come home and a beacon for those still on their way. Member who’s come back to Los Santos regularly tell stories of the “stil alfaris” which is Arabic for “steel horseman”, apparently this crazy bastard rides a motorcycle with tank tracks for wheels and stayed in Iraq after the bankruptcy just to “cleanse his mind with the fire of battle”. Jesus...



Needless to say, Michael Klebitz throwing NorthCorp under the bus put a target on the Klebitz Family. With Johnny as the new president since Billy Grey's death in 2008. The Lost have since become unorganized under their new leadership due to drug abuse. The subsequent power vacuum lead to major recruitment effort by H.E.R.E Team 2 in the following years in order to eliminate what remains of The Lost MC and take over Los Santos.


History Update: January 7th, 2018



It’s been a while since I’ve done any digging on our favourite outlaw’s but I just rediscovered my old research and figured I’d let you know how the MC’s been. Turns out the past 5 years have been pretty prosperous for our friendly neighborhood MC. Since I was part of the design team for the phone that Jay blew his face off with nobody in this city would hire me. I started hanging around the club after the first interview and eventually went to the MC to see if they could help me get a business off the ground which has been treating us all pretty to say the least.


Anyway, with Klebitz’ death shortly after my I published the previous article on these guys, The Lost have either given up their patches, gone nomad or died, which has led H.E.R.E. from the low level criminal organization it once was, conducting petty drug deals, vehicle thefts and the odd hit on a local gang leader into a more professional, albeit still criminal, organization. Some of the new more profitable endeavors include, several counterfeiting operations, arms dealings and the virtual reality development company we’ve partnered in, XSV Studios.


The current president took over for the former in September of 2014 after a dispute with our local kingpin, Martin Madrazo. This turned into a sort of biker proxy war between H.E.R.E and the new rival MC’s funded by Madrazo that were trying to get established following Klebitz’ death. 2014 to 2016 were the two bloodiest years Los Santos as ever recorded while Madrazo was funding criminal organizations to stimulate the local crime economy. The club got hit pretty hard by the death of their president and ultimately went to Madrazo for a truce that got sealed with deal of the MC basically being on Madrazo’s speed dial whenever he doesn't want to get his hands dirty.


If I don’t get killed or horribly maimed I’ll be back with another history update in the coming weeks, months or whatever.



↓ Here's where to find us ↓

We are a PC/PS4 Crew

Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/here_team_2

Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198121981662/

Edited by Slippery_xsv

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Ok so there's that, here's the actual story. A few years back I started this crew with dreams of going hard as a mothereffer and building an awesome gaming community, youtube, twitch, merchandise and the whole shebang but I went all Lance Armstrong and got a nut chopped off. 5 years later I'm back in business.


Since XSV Studios is actually my company irl, we'll be doing some giveaways for XSV Studios merch, steam gift cards and really anything I can get my hand on for you guys.

In the coming months, or as soon as our financing comes in and I can get a beast of a machine, we'll be jumping into streaming pretty hard and expanding our reach to other games and platforms. In the process we'll be looking for brand ambassadors, streamers to sponsor and anyone else who is serious about getting involved. I mean serious, like lawyers and paperwork serious. The giveaways and stuff won't happen until the project gets to a good operational capacity, ie the size of our audience and player group so you're gonna have to stick around!


Once we get a bit of a player committee going we'll set application requirements and club by-laws, real ones for those more heavily involved in the XSV community and the ones for the crew.


Anyway, I'd love to see you guys online sometime!



Edited by Slippery_xsv

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This week we'll be looking for a crew out of North Los Santos to support and work with as we build our numbers.


I'll be back next week to with an update on where we're at, in the meantime, if you're looking for some work and aren't looking for a crew we'll give ya something to do.



Edited by Slippery_xsv

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