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MG Combat Stance


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My brother and I were each playing some GTA when I noticed his character holds his MG in a different way to my character.

My character holds it like a normal AR like this.

His character holds it closer to the hip like this.


Anyone know why it does this?

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He doesn't have a scope upgrade on it.


If you enter stealth mode, however, the aim will be like this. Not quite the same though.





Edited by Gaffa™
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My brother's combat mg mk2 has a scope though.


My stealth looks different than that, I hold the gun closer to my head.

My brother's stealth looks exactly like that.

Edited by MaxBazooka01
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My brother's combat mg mk2 has a scope though.


Well let's decide which weapon we're talking about first...


Combat MG

Combat MG Mk.2


It shouldn't really matter which way, but you're saying stuff that contradicts the information you've already provided - "His character holds it closer to the hip like this. <video link>" shows the Combat MG without a scope, hence that stance.


If he's in stealth mode, as pictured above it'll be a mid-chest aim, but you need to remove the scope to hip-fire any of the three above.


The only other thing is if he's in first person, but again it won't be hip fired. This is only how it looks when in first person but not aiming. If he starts aiming, the weapon's brought into the shoulder as usual.





Edited by Gaffa™
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We both have the mk 2 combat mg.

I have the holographic scope, he has the large scope.

I just used the videos to show how each of our characters holds the weapons.

It's only in 3rd person we hold the guns differently.


I dunno maybe it's a glitch or something, my brother was just wondering why.

Edited by MaxBazooka01
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As Gaffa already said, when a scope isn't equipped the character will fire from the hip with all 3 MG's as well as the Micro SMG. Add a scope, the stance disappears.


Worth noting that during Deathmatches, Captures, LTS and GTA Race, characters by default have a different stance (can also be seen during Survivals) or simply when you starting shooting or melee with a gun, this however doesn't affect the aiming stance in any way.

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I dunno, I'll check later this week and do some tests maybe there is some kind of glitch. :/

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