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Weapons forcibly replaced by Missions (HELP! to find more)

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I'm hoping I'm posting this in the right section and I'm also hoping this is an easy question to you all veterans!



As far as I know, you are forced to get certain weapons in certain missions to progress it.
I'll list all of what I remember, tested and watched:


~ Ken Rosenberg - Back Alley Brawl: You automatically get a Pistol replacing any weapon you had before, like the Colt Python which is better... (Previously tested by myself).

~ Juan Cortez - Treacherous Swine: You automatically get a Chainsaw and it replaces the previous weapon in that slot, at least this is the best weapon of its type :) (Previously tested by myself).

~ Juan Cortez - Guardian Angels: You must obtain the Kruger/Ruger replacing any previous weapon like the M4, this only for Lance Vance to come to progress the mission (According to my memory).

~ Ricardo Diaz - Phnom Penh '86: You automatically get a M60 to kill the sharks gang from a Helicopter. (According to my memory though I'm 100% sure).

~ Auntie Poulet - Dirty Lickin's: You automatically get the Sniper Rifle replacing any previous weapon like the .308 Sniper (aka PSG-1) (According to my memory).

~ Malibu Club - The Shootist: Asset Mission. You automatically obtain a Pistol always replacing previous weapons. The unlocked Side Mission "Shooting Range" is the same case. (According to my memory though I'm 100% sure!).

~ Phil Cassidy - Gun Runner: You MUST obtain a Colt Python, SPAS Shotgun, M60, and a Mac forcing you to replace any previous weapons. (I didn't remember about this one but I watched a video and it looks like you have to get the weapons no matter what!)



Any other mission to talk about? I really need all of your help! This is a huge research to do alone. >.<
Videos do not show the enough info behind what really can happen...


I need this info to keep certain rampages in a starter save. (<cough> do not ask why <cough> <cough> hehe I'll respond anyways)


Did I just mention it all? :lol:

Edited by FXANBSS

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Ballas King

Yeah it happens, I especially the one Supply and Demand I hated most, losing my huge stock of M4 but mediocre Kruger which too is lost after the mission. What you can do is save the weapons at golf course or air port check points and pick them up again after the missions, you retain all the ammos.

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