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Do you know something about this? French: #5 Hell House.

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Hello Guys,i wanted to know something more about this mystery in gta sa.I have recorded a video about this,but if you can please tell me something more about this.Thanks :inlove:



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lil weasel

It is nothing more than a building that shows evidence of a fire.

It is just an interesting People are trying to make a "Myth" from it.


The Hell House may be based on a real-life apartment fire in Montgomery, Alabama in 1992 (hence the name of the town.) Also, the game is set in 1992, the same year the fire took place.


Players have reported being set on fire near the apartment, but that was shown to be false. Players have also said to have seen the face of Satan on the wall, claiming the fire was the work of the devil. There is a small lot behind the building that is bathed in a strange blue light at night time - this could be a reference to the Epsilon Cult's use of the color blue.


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I think this was used on a mission but they forgot to add it

Edited by CoolMods

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Am Shaegar

No idea. I initially thought the building could be the one when CJ rescues Denise, but ..nope. It's in a different location. I think it's just a burned building placed on the map.

What makes me so happy is the fact that this game still has something interesting hidden here and there leaving the fans to speculate, and discuss, even just for the sake of curiosity, leading to mystery hunting and stuff.

So cool. SA rocks!!!!

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Just a simple easter egg showing a burnt house possibly some arsonist did it or it was some kind of accident.

However there is a small evidence about any myths.

Probably Rockstar wanted to tell us as kids that we shouldn't play with fire...

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