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Mil-sim Roleplay Group Now Recruiting!

Tier Two Gaming

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Tier Two Gaming

Welcome! As the topic suggests, we are now looking for new members for a serious role-play(RP) group, Tier Two Gaming.

About Us:

We are primarily a military and life-sim based, role-play group. Our group name comes from our belief in making the best kind of crew, one that is organized but also fun! With every sessions comes a new experience, we strive to create entertaining and diverse scenarios! Not only that but being a community means that our horizon isn't just to purely RP, as we like to play other games too as well as doing missions and challenges in the world of GTAV!

Okay, so why join us?

Well as a player such as yourself interested in joining this type of group know that our group is a set of dedicated gamers who have been doing this for some time. As stated before be do our best to make our sessions legitimate as possible. We do this by using authentic tactics, training our members and giving members the opportunity to exceed. Not only can you move up in a RP in rank but also in our community as we'll be looking for moderators to hold down the fort if no one else is available. Most important is that we are a community, at the end of the day we're all friends, we're all treated equal and you'll always have someone there to watch your back!

RP Info:

While as a participating member of this RP there will not only be opportunities to pick your desired field, there will also be promotion opportunities. It should be noted that our first members will have an easier time getting these promotions. This also means that during RP related decisions it'll be up to you to lead your side to victory. You will also be participating in training to lean tactics and function as a team. Currently, all divisions are open for enrollment as well as leadership positions, such as...


• Ground Forces

• Aviation

• Enemy Forces

Leadership Positions

• Lieutenants

• Fire Team Leaders

• Training Instructors

How to Join & requirements:

  • You must have a working headset and an active PS Plus subscription.
  • Be of at least 17+ years of age (Exceptions can be made but it is important to have a mature mindset and personality)
  • Familiar with the concept of; or experienced in role-playing

If you are interested, simply add the PSN account SAMC2015 or leave your PSN ID below, and we'll add you. You can also ask for further info or any comments, questions or concerns. Once added and messaged we will answer any questions and/or interview you in a party chat.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to receiving your messages!

Our website - here

Social Club Link here or socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/tier_two_gaming

Edited by Tier Two Gaming
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Tier Two Gaming

Araujo9988- 18 yo and lots of experience

Thank you for your interest! A friend request has been sent and from there we can discuss your entry to the group.

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