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[GTAO] With Your Final, Dying Breath You Uttered…


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Whether ducked behind the ugly sculpture down by the beach in a shoot-out with cops, high on rooftop being picked-off by a well-versed sniper, or simply run down by a distracted NPC in a Pißwasser truck, we've all experienced the "moment of death" in GTAO when that notorious fatality alert blasts out with the notification that you have just been "WASTED."

Despite how we're wasted - by another player, NPCs, or even ourselves in taking the easy way out - how cool would it have been if our characters uttered their last words during their final, dying breath... Some kind of smart-ass, funny or poignant quote, just like in the movies we watch?

If for nothing more than the sheer dramatic entertainment factor!

Some famous examples of classic movie quotes:

  • James Cagney in White Heat, "Made it, Ma! Top o' the world!"
  • Mel Gibson in Braveheart, "Freeeeeeeedoooooom!!!"
  • Val Kilmer in Tombstone, "Now, this is funny!"
  • John Cazale in Godfather pt. 2, "Holy Mary, mother of God - pray for us sinners!"
  • Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now, "The horror... the horror!"

So, if Rockstar had a list of quotes your character could say when they died, which would you assign to your character?

It could be anything you like - we can assume it's a nearly endless library of actual quotes from movies, books, songs, other games, etc.
You choose.

And would you assign different quotes for different ways of dying?

Here are my examples for what quotes I'd assign to my character. Feel free to come up with your own in your reply!

  • Accidentally run over by a police car after you've called Lester to have Wanted Level Removed: (Homer Simpson) "Mmmm.... donuts."
  • Run over by an NPC that you'd swear wasn't there a second ago: (Galaxy Quest) "By Grabthar's hammer..."
  • Killed by another player spraying you with the Fire Truck water gun: (Wizard of Oz): "I'm melting! Melting!"
  • When 4-5 players in a crew keep killing you, over and over: (Scarface) "You think you can kill me with bullets? I take your %$&@ bullets!!!!!!"

As always, this is just for fun and not to be taken as a serious implementation. Cheers! :)

"Faster Bambi! Don't look back! Keep running! Just keep running!!!" - from the film, Bambi

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Since I'm a pve player, my characters last words would be "That wasn't a minigun..."

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Oh, and for an added bonus, I should've included this in the original post:

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"I.....Regret....Nothing" - succumbed wound

" is this....the end? " - defeated in shootout

" Let them.....eat cake " - defeated in shootout 2

" that....was unexpected " assassinated by surprise

"well....that's unfortunate" assassinated by surprise 2

"finally....its over" bounty claimed

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"f*cking clouds"


Edited by CrysisAverted
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"F*ck your K/DR, bitch...."

Edited by Blasterman4EVER
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... I'll be back. :p


Down, but never out :D

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"Uhh son ... complete the Avenger setup for me"

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I think I'd have to go with the words of the great Outlaw Josey Wales...


"Dying ain't much of a livin', boy"

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(in a Jumanji-ish voice)

"Grand... Theft... Auto... Online..."

(everything gets sucked up into the clouds, there's a flash, and Franklin blinks, wondering what the hell just happened)

Edited by Commander S
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I don’t care if I live or die. Go ahead and kill me.”

Edited by DrRumpleSweatyForeSkin
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It's very odd to see this topic come up today. Bare with me fw3 it might get lengthy.

I often make the popular statement before dying that starts with "Tell my wife I love..." then end with "This game more than her", but just yesterday we were screwing around in an Avenger at 7500ft and I fell without a parachute so I started my usual quote but I had waaaaay too much time to fall before dying, so I just kept going on and on with real issues I have with my GF. It was hilarious but today I kinda hope everyone there thought I was just making stuff up.


I would repeat some of the things I said but definitely not here in writting, Lord knows she's find it here some day and then I'd really regret it, so i'll stick with my usual dying breath



"tell my wife... I love... this game... more than... her"

Edited by FlacidJack
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*Throws controller at wall

Edited by Skeve613
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*Record scratch* *Freeze frame*


"Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation. See, it all started..."

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Bruce Khansey

I'd add a twist: your character could also say something to give more drama/emphasis/theatrics to his kill.


Anyway, good thread! I try:



When I get killed


"I should have bought that garage from Dinasty 8..."

"Diplomatic immunity" - Lethal Weapon 2

"Well, that escalated quickly" - The Anchorman

"(singing) this is the end.. my only friend... the end" - The End by The Doors



When I kill someone


"Let off some steam, Bennett" - Commando

"It’s just been revoked" - Lethal Weapon 2

"Dodge this" - The Matrix

"Hasta la vista, baby" - Terminator 2: Judgement Day

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Yellow Dog with Cone
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HA! you thought you just got me noooooooooo!


Reconnects internet

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"Earth is not flat".

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Spook probably wouldn't say anything, except every so often, something like

"Is this what Mendoza goes through?..."

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