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Does a concise, but thorough enough guide on "Smart and dumb purchases" in GTA Online exist? And more...

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1. Is there all of the needed information on the matter clearly and concisely written anywhere on the internet, and also kept up to date?


2. I'd really appreciate a guide of the following type: Do you play Solo or Co-op? If Co-op - 2 or 4 players total? Then play this; or play that. If you choose to play those kinds of missions, then at the very least you need those kinds of vehicles and/or properties, and it would be even better if you can buy those as well, etc... Even if currently such a type of guide doesn't exist, I'd really appreciate it if someone can quickly write up one, event if it's a super concise version. Or at least point me to the closest thing to it in existence.


I'm very well aware that the best way to gather that kind of info is not by reading some magical "concise" guide, but rather dive deep in Youtube and all kinds of forums (mainly gtaforums.com) and make it all out by yourself, but I'm not really ready to commit the time needed for such a task as I'm too much out of the loop. I remember when I used to follow GTA Online's development that close in the past and I knew every tiny difference in every detail of all the High end apartments and what vehicles are the best for every kind of task (not just races), but once things started to get out of hand with all that variety in everything, and you really started to need 3 more friends to play with in order to do the more meaningful jobs, I stopped following it so closely.


Also, should I buy the MOC at 50% off - is it worth it at all? In relation to what I just wrote, I do have the intention to get back into playing GTA Online a bit more seriously, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to find 3 more players or if I'll just have to play solo. I just said that to give you info based on which you could recommend the MOC or not. I'm also having the same question for everything else that's currently discounted and expiring today.

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Posted (edited)

*** Simple Smart Purchases:


Step #1: Obtain CEO ability, have an office, & get yourself a Kuruma. Maze Bank West is fine for an Office.

You can solo alot of the CEO lobby work/via interaction menu alone/invite only if nobody is online to play with.

Those jobs include Headhunter, Sightseer, Asset Recovery, & Hostile Takeover. $10k-$25k payouts.

Other CEO work is available if in a lobby with other players, or owning special vehicles.

Make sure you have the Buzzard purchased, otherwise it'll cost $ everytime you request it via CEO abilities.


Step #2: Invest in Bunker, upgrade it's 3 abilities & use it to manufacturer stock while you do other things.

Preferably the Chumnash Bunker, since it is a straight drive to Los Santos to make the bonus profit when selling there.

Sell product anytime up to 75% full of stock/$525,000 in base value (With all bunker upgrades that increase value).

The reason behind that, is beyond 75%, you'll have too many vehicles with supplies if you solo.

You can solo sell up to 75% of Bunker product solo with two delivery methods:

- The Phantom Wedge/tractor trailer method: 1-2 vehicles.

- The standard Insurgent Pickup Custom (IPC) method: 1-3 vehicles.

There are 3 types of IPC delivery methods, the standard one just involves you dropping the entire vehicle off at a location.

Use Buzzard via CEO abilities to get back to undelivered vehicles quickly.




*** Optional:


- Invest in Import/Export, another good money maker, however isn't as consistent as Bunker stock manufacturing.

It's a much more hands on business, potential failure & general loss of money is present in all steps of the business.


- Buying some of the Special Vehicles for your Special Vehicle Warehouse/you have to own the warehouse to actually start I/E.

Doing so unlocks more CEO jobs to access via Interaction Menu, some that dish out $35k per run.



- The MOC, eh you'll either need that or the Avenger.

Solo or with others, you're going to need one of them to gain access to Mk2 weapons.

If you have no interest in the newer weapon upgrades, then don't bother with the MOC or Avenger.

Any interest at all though, jump on the opportunity to get one at a discount.

It all comes down to if you want a flying or ground based command center.

* You need a Bunker for the MOC.

* You need a Facility for the Avenger.


- Facility purchase for the new Heist.


- CEO Warehouse to make crate sales.

Just another businesses, like I/E in some ways: more hands on/you get what you put into it with chance of failure in all steps.







*** Unnecessary businesses:


- Smugglers/Hangar - Horrible Profit/Time Ratio/Effort Needed

- Bikers/Clubhouse - Bunker is basically just a better & easier paying version.




That's pretty much all you need to know when it comes to starting off.

When it comes to vehicle purchases, really it's all down to opinion of each & every player.

I'd recommend looking up info on any vehicle/aircraft that you're interested in before purchasing.

There's no real factual guide on vehicle buys, because some players can actually put good use to one vehicle/aircraft while others can't or refuse to.

Edited by Foreverpast

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Oh wow... Thank you so much man - massive help! Looks like I'm already quite on the right track as I own a bunker and it's exactly the one in Chumash. I'm still making sense of everything that you've written as it's a lot of info and it's quite condensed - but it's perfect, don't get me wrong. :) Thanks again man.


Oh, and I love Courage the Cowardly Dog, too. :D

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Just to clarify on a few things for solo sales:


- Since you've got the Chumnash Bunker, always sell to LS, not just for the bonus, but the road routes are easier/direct most of the time.

You can use the highways even in-city if the drop-off is somewhere like the junkyard.


- The $525,000 max base value to sell that I mentioned, is not the LS bonus (That bonus puts it in the high 700K range)

Also that $525K max base value to sell is with all upgrades to the Bunker, that 75% total value will be less without the upgrades.


Facts about the deliveries:


For every 25 units of stock aka 25%, it requires +1 Insurgent, Dune Buggy, Monster Truck.

That's why if you go past 75% stock, you'll have 4 Insurgents for the standard delivery & there's just barely not enough time to solo that.

3 though you can drop off no problem alone, just make sure to call the Buzzard to get back to the Bunker to the remaining delivery vehicles.

The Phantom Wedges are -1 less than other methods per additional 25%, meaning you'll have 1 less of those to use than the other vehicles.

So simply put: 3 standard Insurgent deliveries or 2 Phantom Wedge deliveries are the best you can do solo, netting in the high $700k sale range for exactly 75% stock.



For the 26%-75% delivery, When you start the sale & automatically go outside:


#1: If you see Phantom Wedges, go ahead & do the delivery.

Use CEO ability to bribe authorities when stars appear, it'll buy you enough time to get the first Trailer to the drop-off before 3 star cops bother you.

Plus once you deliver the first Trailer & the bribe expires, your wanted level for the rest of the sale will only be 1 star/easy to ignore.

Drive fast but carefully, if one of the Trailers flips or rolls....it SHOULD reset after 20 seconds & you'll be told it's been put in a retrievable spot/re-attach.

You can plow through traffic, but avoid it when possible, otherwise the Phantom Wedges will eventually take damage & fail.


#2: If you see Insurgents, wait for Agent 14 to call.

If he mentions something about "Selling to Generals" or "Being Subtle", that means it's a standard *Drive each Insurgent to a spot & leave it*

Go ahead & do the delivery, you may or not have random low level npc mercs chase you, but you can ignore them for the most part.


^ If he says anything else, it means it's a Multi-Drop per vehicle, meaning each Insurgent you have has 5 stops to make, & you don't have time for that solo.

Plus with the multi-drop per Insurgent method, you'll have to fight hostiles at every drop-off point, adding even more time you don't have.

Also identify the type of sale: 1-3 circles at the bottom of screen for the simple delivery, or a 0/5-15 drop-offs display for the multi-drop method.


The Dune Buggy & Monster Truck deliveries are similar to the multi-drop per Insurgent method: constant hostiles & it's all over LS, impossible to solo 26%+ stock.

You CAN however just do small quick sales of up to 25% stock, & it won't matter which method it is since it'll only be 1 vehicle & completely possible solo.


***** If you start a sale solo beyond 25% stock & notice it's not the Phantom Wedge or simple Insurgent Delivery, exit the game & try again.

You lose a little stock, however you can make it make in no time, & it's how you cycle through the 4 possible delivery methods.

The most I've ever had to retry for a large delivery was 3, lost like $60,000 in stock, however still made $680K.

But like I said 25% or less stock going in the sale, feel free to use any delivery method.




Buying supplies is better than stealing:

- Stealing supplies only gives you 20 units of supplies, buying gives you 100.

- You can play enough missions/jobs to more than cover the costs of buying supplies well within the time it takes to steal a full bar's worth of supplies.

- Alot of people claim stealing supplies/while actually in the task of doing so, manufacturing pauses, thus you lose stock building time every-time you go to steal.


Also, sometimes right after delivering a vehicle like a Phantom Wedge, the game will make a quick save.

During the quick save you won't be able to call in your CEO Buzzard, so don't panic, just wait for the save to complete.


I know this is quite a description, but it's actually incredibly simple & easy once you get a first playthrough of it.

Alot of people made the Gunrunning business sound nightmarish, but it's the best passive money maker & quite easy once you learn the techniques.

Edited by Foreverpast

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How are you restarting the sell missions? Just go to find a new session?

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How are you restarting the sell missions? Just go to find a new session?


Personally, I exit the game entirely, load back into an invite only session, then into a public session/find new session.

I have a xbox one x so loading times are super fast, & I use the nat test trick to turn a public session solo when I'm ready to make a sale.


I would assume simply switching sessions instead of exiting & restarting the game can work too for the restarting sell goals..

I've just never bothered, since for me it's quicker to get to another public session by firing up an invite only first.

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Ok so the max possible sale with the fully upgraded Chumash Bunker, SOLO, to Los Santos:


- $780,000.

- 75% Full Stock.

- 3 Straight Forward Insurgent Drop-offs or 2 Phantom Wedge Drop-offs.

- 10 out of 15 minutes used, having the extra 5 as a buffer for incidents.

Edited by Foreverpast

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