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GTA Vice City Chain Game Round 26

Recommended Posts



Mission: Alloy Wheels of Steel

Link: pkAqxP

Completion %: 97.4%

Notes: Race Time : 1:42

Edited by Parik

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Miles Edgeworth


has missions: Messing with the Man
Link: kittens!
Completion: 98.05%
Notes: Wrong mission once again xD

Edited by oscareczek

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Mission: Hog Tied

Link: http://gtasnp.com/jVCYJd

Completion %: 98.7%

Saved at Hyman Condo.

Edited by MrMateczko

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Me again



Mission: Publicity Tour

Link: Perennial

Completion %: 99.35%

Edited by Parik

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Bam! I'll just snag this final turn here, thanks. :pLive here.


Mission: Keep your Friends Close...

Called by: 123robot
Status: Completed
Completion %: 100%
Notes: Mission Passed! $30,000 earned.
Took all end game phone calls.
100% COMPLETION ACHIEVED! Tommy now has limitless ammo for all weapons, and vehicle strength is doubled. Armour and health have been increased to 200 each, and the Frankie outfit is now available from Vercetti Estate.
Saved at the Vercetti Estate
Once again, congrats everyone to another round well done! Additionally, I'd like to dedicate the completion of this turn to @oscareczek, who I screwed out of getting the final turn, so sorry...but also, in your face! :p
Edited by 123robot

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GTA Vice City Chain Game Round 26 Complete!

Great Work Everyone! The 26th Round of the GTA Vice City Chain Game has been completed in a time of 4 days, 19 hours and 0 minutes! There were 11 Players who participated in this round, the most we have had playing for a while, contributing to the 100% Save File. Thanks to all 11 of those for their contributions throughout the round!

Thanks to regular players 123robot, MrMateczko, Night_MARE, oscareczek, thehambone and VASSILY for playing!
Thanks to DT-boy and TheAgniesia22 for being active in turn taking and both making great contributions towards the rounds completion, completing 37% of the game between them!
Thanks to Parik for his contributions throughout the round, taking the highest number of turns, and his work in creating a script to generate the Chain Game Statistics, used for the first time this round!
And thanks to Deputy Chief TubewayArmy for his continued dedication to the game in updating the Hidden Package Reward and Unique Vehicles List as well as taking regular turns throughout the round!

The Chain Game Index will soon be updated to reflect the completion of the round - Let's see how many records we managed to set!

[table]GTA Vice City Chain Game Round 26 Statistics[/th][/table] [table]Player NameValid Turns TakenInvalid Turns TakenTotal PercentageAverage Percentage123robot605.84%0.97%DT-boy2025.98%12.99%GTAKid667201.30%0.65%MrMateczko402.60%0.65%Night_MARE100.65%0.65%oscareczek9011.04%1.23%Parik16024.68%1.54%TheAgniesia226111.69%1.95%thehambone203.25%1.63%TubewayArmy7012.32%1.76%VASSILY100.65%0.65%Total11 Players56 Valid Turns1 Invalid Turn100.00%1.79%[/table][table]GTA Vice City Chain Game Round 26 Time[/table] [table]Monday 8th January 2018 at 18:00 UTC - Saturday 13th January 2018 at 13:00 UTC[/table] [table]4 days, 19 hours, 0 minutes - 6,900 minutes in total[/table] Edited by GTAKid667

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