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Ps4 older players


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I am 40 looking for similar age players with mics who like to do ceo and mc and jobs if interested leave me your game tag to add you thanks I am on Western European Time > UK time

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Bang 40, still hoping to have my first look at this new Super heist.


PS4: STIFLER---013



just looking to capture some clips for a video..... and take some snap O matics

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  • 3 weeks later...

I need help and willing to help with missions/heists. Currently level 55.

Got a Mic



PSN: bustedthumbss

Edited by bustedthumbss
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23 yr got mic not always able to use it (nagging girlfriend) happy to help and be helped with CEO, MC, Heist

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Pittsburgh Pa (est). Rather now to gta online, only a week in. Just looking for some help along the way, friends to play with.


PSN: biggrapp412

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PS4 Gamertag is GoHorns56


I'm 37. I'm a pretty chill player and live in the Central US time zone. I'm down to play and help out any way I can.


Currently level 329

Edited by Gohorns56
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25 here psn NT-BoneCollector

I do ceo/mc races dm no pressure just fun

Edited by NikoTosic
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40 here, playing for only three weeks online but after I started all other games just don't exist! Glad to help with MC, CEO, bunker etc, also been dying to try heists and the MoC missions so hopefully a good crew can be assembled from here.


Psn: Badeemo


Currently rank 80

Edited by Max_Maven
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Older? I thought 40 is the new 30? Well mid-30's here.


Rank 160+, PT timezone, with mic, usually on after 9pm/10pm weeknights. I do a bit of everything and have a couple of active heists available.


PSN is mav1659

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Im 36, in the UK, got a mic, but rarely use it - Im happier taking instruction from those who like to use theirs.


PSN: legobhoy

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  • 2 weeks later...

42, UK. CEO with bunker.


Got a mic, but tend not to use it - the missis moans if I wake her up ha ha


Add me for chilled and fun times in lobby.

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32 years, CEO in bunker and vehicle cargo business. I got hangar as well, not for the Ron's sh*tty missions, but flying is <3 for me since the R* first time bringed the air to the game.


Most of the time I run the business and races/transformers. Sometimes child mode takes control and then Los Santos hears it from the the air, missiles and two big machine guns. I know, its stupid and also I know what "or else..." means. Guilty as charged.


Feel free to add me, if you want to fly together. Looking for a fly crew at the moment. And finally I got mic.

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