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Further unlockables for loyal players.

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Do you believe there will be more unlockables in Single-Player and Online for those who are making a return to the series? For example a double XP/RP from the get go Online for those who have previously played the online platform of RDR or more weapons, clothing etc. for loyal Rockstar Games players? No doubt there will be some sort of bonus regarding you being registered to Social Club but I believe more bonus content for loyal players will be something Rockstar deploys.


However to what extent? I dont believe there will be many more bonus weapons, horses or any more at all considering itll make the experience unfair on new players coming up against existing veterans.



Id be happy with an XP/RP bonus and/or an exclusive outfit.

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  • 2 weeks later...

It's possible, I don't think a unique rifle, pistol or horse would really give an old timer too big of an advantage. But, at the same time I can see Rockstar wanting everyone to start with a clean slate so to speak.


I can't really see a great way of monetizing Red Dead Online as it is. Giving stuff away for free just makes that even harder.

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I don't see Rockstar rewarding us for a game that was released 8 years ago.


According to the rumors they're making "Red Dead Online" so I think it will basically be a rebooted multiplayer.


The multiplayer in RDR was full of cheaters most of the time.



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Further unlock:
Yes, I think it's possible. To lure and prepare the public, R* will add some new features. A great opportunity to give some real fans great and unique gifts + attract some new players.
I'm sure we will see one more update before RDR2 update, so yes, we can expect new stuff (Ubisoft is making it with The Crew and The Crew2 car unlocks).

What it can be:
Clothes and guns.

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