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Harddest and easiest gta game?


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On 7/30/2021 at 5:51 PM, Ondr4H said:

Easiest game is GTA V if you mastered 3D era, it will be like piece of cake like for me.


Hardest gta 3, you need serious plan to archieve 100% without any obstacles.


Well i feel that i can tell the same about 2D Gta games too.


Hardest game is definetely GTA1.

If someone think that GTA3 is hardest game in series he do a big mistake and he didn't played first game for sure.



In first GTA you die really easy. There is a lot of time limited missions that you need to do without any marker that tell you where to drive.

- There is no map,

- There is no save games. (Whole chapter need to be done in one attempt)

- Secondary mission locations are not marked anywhere,

- Weapons cant be brought, you need to find them.

- Additional activities are not marked.

- Wepons are lost if you die.

- You have limited number of lives. If you lost all you fail whole chapter.

- Missions are very hard,

- You easly can die even from one bullet.

If you fail missions you cant repeat them.

- If you fail to many missions you cant finish city due to lack of money.

If you burn due to car explosion there is no way to survive,

- There is no visible sign when car is close to explosion more than a broken engine sound.

- Some vehicles are easier to destroy than others and can explode in huge explosion like Fuel truck and it hard to survive that explosion if you are too close.

- There is some time limited missions without any marker (You need disarm car bomb but game dont tell you where).


If you want complete this game you need to learn and fail alot first...


GTA 3 is a walking ib the park in comparision to GTA1.

Edited by Debosy
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Hardest: GTA VCS (I played the Trilogy from around 2016 for the first time, and I played GTA Trilogy on PC, GTA LCS on iPad, and GTA VCS on PS3, so that may be why I found GTA VCS so hard)


Easiest: GTA V

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If you include the 2D Era then it's gotta be GTA London (especially 1961) but in general, i find myself struggling a bit with 2D Era games in general compared to anything afterwards.



Otherwise, i would say maybe GTA 3 but I don't really find it that much difficult for the most part.

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Hardest is GTA 2 and easiest is GTA V.

Edited by lol232
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GTA VCS was pretty easy if i remember right...

But i have finished all of them, got stuck on the second last mission on GTA LCS tho, and haven't been able to play it since. 


Every GTA was "easy" but Hardest is prob GTA SA then cuz of quite a few "more difficult missions


I forgot GTA 3 can be seen abit hard too. 

Edited by Phil Collin
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Cutter De Blanc

I found 1 and 3 to be the hardest, I've never played the London ones though.


GTAV is the easiest, by far and away

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  • 1 month later...

hardest to easiest:


in 3D - VICE CITY STORIES hands down, literally almost every mission has a pattern of draining-fast timer and multiple enemies chasing you as you drive to the goal. It'd be cool if it had a more rewarding plot, IMO has the darkest story of all GTA games, maybe that's why it was double-hard lol.

then LCS, III, Adv, SA, IV, VC, CTW, V.

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I'd say for me personally Vice City was relatively easy, even tho the last mission i finished was cop land and it was very hard, what's worse is i couldn't finish story bc my old pc died from outage


So from what i've played so far: GTA2 is hardest, IV is easiest, vc is relatively close second

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only played the 3D and HD era GTA games and remember thinking 3 was the hardest out of the bunch, cars break way too quickly, no car bailout, going all the way back to mission start point after failing or dying (at least vice city gave you the option to instantly take you there with taxis spawning next to hospitals for you to take) and a near useless map if you wanted to look for anything besides mission waypoints

Edited by sluggard
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Jimmy Muffins

I've never played the 2D games so of the 3D games I would definitely say that III is the hardest. Most of the annoying missions in VC and SA are side content like "Bombs Away" and the flight school. GTA 3's difficulty comes from a number of things.


Firstly, the design of a lot of the main missions, particularly towards the end. "Espresso2Go" requires you to destroy 9 stands in 8 minutes but you don't get any indication of where they are. You have to look at a map online and then you have the bridge that goes up and down and can cost you a dozen seconds or so. Leones also 1 - 2 shot your car so it's a PITA unless you have the bulletproof car.


Which leads me on to my next point, the Leones. Portland is pretty much a no-go zone once you assassinate the old bastard.


There are a few missions where you have 4 or 5 stars on you and you have to get back to the marker. These missions have you on a boat so you have to find a dock and plan on how to deal with the cops so you can jack a car. Then even if you get to your car there is a high chance of being killed because the cops are super aggressive and it's very easy to flip cars with no way of flipping them back. 


This game also seems to have a ton of missions with timers for some reason. 


Final mission is also annoying due to starting with no weapons and the vigilante missions are also a pain because of how easy it is to flip/destroy vehicles.


GTA V is certainly the easiest. You actually have checkpoints and you can even skip if you keep failing. 

Edited by Jimmy Muffins
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  • 3 months later...

Easiest is san andreas hardest is gta 3 cuz claude easily dies and espresso 2 go is damn intense

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I'd say 3D era is the hardest. HD era is easier due to improved and modern mechanics. Never played 2D games to be honest.

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Disregarding the stories/extra games, they just get easier with every game from GTA III onward. III, VC, SA, IV, V, each one easier than the last. 

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Lemoyne outlaw

i think san andreas and vice city stories were the hardest gta games to beat for me. there are a few missions that were a pain to beat. and it gets very annoying during the riots in san andreas.


obviously the easiest is gta 5. but it still can have its challenges. like the enemies having ridiculous auto aim that can melt you sometimes. and i always hate the derailed mission because its hard to get the bike on the train. but other than that its very easy.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Wow I have to say a lot of San Andreas isn't as hard as I remembered it. Maybe I've got better since I last played it in like 2009 and maybe this version (Xbox 360) is easier in some ways, but I passed the hated NRG 500 Challenge first time with loads of time to spare. BMX challenge was still pretty bad (mostly due to the stupid bike controls in this version where you can't tap to pedal and can only hold down the trigger, making it very hard to get speed up in a small space) but I managed it ok. Hoping some other dreaded things will be easier than I would've expected as well. Still noticeably more difficult than IV or V but I think it's quite a bit easier than VC.

Edited by billiejoearmstrong8
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  • 7 months later...

If we are talking about 100% completion then:

The easiest GTA game is GTA Advance, its so short and easy. I don't see why people say this game is the worst GTA... i mean it's made for Game Boy what do you expect?

The hardest GTA game is GTA San Andreas, Especially if you are going for 110% (Which means you have to do not required missions and side missons for 100%), and the map is so big!

These are my opinions, from my expiriences!

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Kioto Medalight

Hardest: GTA III
Easiest: GTA V

Though honestly once you finish the first playthrough every game is easy.

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