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Could you see GTA characters in other games (just for fun)


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Just for fun, could you see Grand Theft Auto characters in other games? I had a funny idea when talking about who would make a BAD DLC character in Mortal Kombat.


So I decided to pick Trevor from GTA 5 because he could technically be an interesting or bad character for MK DLC. NRS made Jason, Leatherface, Freddy, Kratos, Predator and Alien interesting characters to fight with. So I made a short bio, endings, variations for him in MK X, intros, etc...


Bio: The dealer, Trevor Phillips, caught the attention of Sonya Blade as he ventured into the dimension of the Mortal Kombat Realms through some odd portal. If he sold meth to Kotal Kahn and Kano, it would help her defeat the Black Dragon and Outworld. But Trevor has other intentions.


Ending: Shinnok's defeat gave Tremor a whole new perspective on things. He used the amulet to grow his empire and eventually take over the realms by getting their armies hooked on meth and controlling to him. It results in the populations under Trevor's rage control and forever hooked on meth. Have a Nice Day.


Variation: Rampage Stance: Pressing a certain combination would put him in his rage stance and strengthens his attacks. Sniffing: Sniffing some paint would slow his opponent down and make him fast


Special Moves: He would be like Stryker and Erron Black that he would use a pistol, sniper rifle and shotgun.


Fatality: Trevor would just unload an Auto Shotgun onto the opponent and turning them into pulp. Fatality 2: He would then take a baseball bat and knock the opponent down. He would then stomp them like he did with Johnny in his first cut-scene.


Intro with some characters:


Trevor vs Leatherface


Leatherface revs his chainsaw and dances


Trevor: I though the Altruists were nuts, but you take the cake with that mask!


Trevor vs Raiden


Raiden (teleports): You are not from this world


Trevor: Gee, you think?


Raiden: I will teach you respect for the Thunder God


Trevor vs Sonya:


Sonya: Oh, it's you.


Trevor: We can do a f*ck, Johnny isn't watching


Sonya: Johnny's a gentleman compared to you


Trevor vs Johnny Cage


Trevor: I once knew a guy named Johnny


Cage: Was he as good looking as me?


Trevor: After I stomped his face in, wanna try it?


Just something fun, can GTA characters be in any other games?

Edited by Wingate167
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Hmmm nice bike

I could see Johnny Klebitz in Ride to Hell: Retribution


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Trevor would fit perfectly in Barbie Fashion Show:An Eye for Style.


I'd also love some of them on TV. Claude would be perfect in High School Musical.

Edited by DOUGL4S1
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Algonquin Assassin

Niko in Resident Evil.


*Zombies come towards him*


Argggggghh motherf*ckers

Edited by Algonquin Assassin
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Niko in Resident Evil.


*Zombies come towards him*


Argggggghh motherf*ckers

"Don't f**k with me!"

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I could, I thought it was awesome they put Johnny Gat in a fighting game... even though I never play those.


So long as they don't go to the extent Saints Row did where say Franklin is playable in Giant Robot Golf

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  • 2 weeks later...

I could see Niko in a Farm Simulator 18 DLC.

Green Acres is the place to be.
Farm livin' is the life for me.
Land spreadin' out so far and wide
Keep Algonquin, just give me that countryside.

Edited by Yinepi
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