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Recommended Posts

Another mod from IV ported to work on V. This is a mp3 player and url streamer.


V_MP3 1.4


This is a radio mod for GTAV. It is basically Self Radio with a little twist.

It offers the same abilities as the game included Self Radio with the following additions:

Ability to fast forward/fast rewind.

Ability to pause a song.

In-game display of elapsed time, remaining time, artist, title, album and year.

It also allows you to search, artist, album, title and year.


The mod uses the following keys:

RCTRL + S / X Start V_MP3 (Play)

Multimedia Next / RS Next Song

Multimedia Previous / LS Previous Song

Multimedia Play/Pause Pause/Resume

Multimedia Stop / Back Stop

Num 1 Fast Rewind

Num 3 Fast Forward

Num 7 Volume Down (only the volume for the songs)

Num 9 Volume Up (only the volume for the songs)

RCTRL + D Display/hide in-game display

RCTRL + T Enable /disable Random order

RCTRL + U Enable /disable URL

RCTRL + F10 Create list of songs to songs.txt

F5 Search

Num 5 Menu Enter

Num 8 + Num 2 Menu Up/Down

Num 6 + Num 4 Next/Previous Search Result Screen

Num 0 Back out of Search Results

As you can see, it utilizes the multimedia keys of modern keyboards, if you don’t have such a keyboard, you can always bind the keys to different keys using V_MP3.ini. In addition to setting the keys, you can also set the following settings:

Display=1 //Display In-Game Song Information Enabled on Game start

DisplayTitle=1 //Display Song Title 5 seconds on each new song, this only happens if

In-Game Song information is disabled.

OnFootEnabled=1 //Enable music on foot

DisplayColor1=255 //Display Color 1 RGB

DisplayColor2=255 //Display Color 2 RGB

DisplayColor3=255 //Display Color 3 RGB

HighLightColor1=0 //Highlight Color 1 RGB

HighLightColor2=0 //Highlight Color 2 RGB

HighLightColor3=255 //Highlight Color 3 RGB

Volume=500 //Volume values from 100 to 1000


Enable1 – Enable5 Enable Url1-Url5

Url1-Url5 Streaming Url1-Url5

To install this mod, place V_MP3.asi + V_MP3.ini + scripthookV.dll to the main GTAV directory (C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V ) You also need an asi loader. (dsound.dll).

Finally you need to create a directory in the main V directory called Songs. In this directory you can either place MP3, or WMA files, you can place shortcuts to those files, or alternatively you can place one shortcut directory to your songs. In case you use the shortcut directory, set the name of the shortcut directory in V_MP3.ini: ShortCutDir=Music, making sure that the name of the shortcut is the same in the ini file (case sensitive).

There is also a way to use streaming media from the internet, to use this, I have provided 5 URL slots, to enable a slot set Enable1 (or 2-5) to 1 and set the URL1 (or 2-5) to the relevant URL in V_mp3.ini, and enable the URL in game. When using the URL, the other songs will not load, and you can only listen to the URL. Whilst the URL is enabled only the artist, title and elapsed time will display, you can (depending on the URL) use fast Forward and Fast Rewind, you can also use pause/resume. To switch between the 5 Url’s you can use Next and Previous Song.

Now when you start up the game, V_MP3 will load whatever is in the Songs directory, and on switching on the radio (RCTRL + S) these songs will be played. Be aware that loading a lot of songs might make the initial game start a little bit slower. As a comparison, I tested this with one shortcut to my music directory, which contains subdirectories to a total of 1340 songs (subdirectories are scanned as well), it took the game an average of 9 seconds to load all the information contained in these songs (title, album, year, artist, duration). Luckily the songs are only loaded on game start. Be aware that the ability to display Artist, Title, Album and Year relies on your MP3 or WMA files to have proper id tags.

Additionally there is a list all songs feature, that will create a file in your main game directory called songs.txt, this file will contain all the songs that were loaded by V_MP3, and will contain the title, duration, artist, album, year and file name separated by a | so that you can easily import this file into Excel or any other spreadsheet program.

Also if you alt-tab out of the game, my code does NOT run, so this means the detection to start the next song will be messed up, if you pause the song this might not be a problem, otherwise just hit the next button. This problem can be remedied by setting pause game on focus loss to off in graphics settings.

The music will be paused when you go to the pause menu, and when any cutscene is playing, after you returned from the pause menu, or when the cutscene has been finished or cut short, the music will continue where it left off.

There is controller support for Play (X), Stop (Back), Next (RS) and Previous (LS).


Thanks Alexander Blade for both the Scripthook and the asiloader.
















Edited by sjaak327
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