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Am Shaegar

MOBILE Gaming - News, Discussion, Challenge, and Reviews

Recommended Posts

Am Shaegar


A topic exclusively for GTA Fans who enjoy mobile gaming across different operating systems - Android/Windows Phone/iOS


The main objective is to provide the best community

driven environment exclusively for "mobile gaming" to serve the following purposes:-

- Help the community in their search for the best game they are looking for, and supporting good developers for their games that deserve more attention over loads of other popular ( and not so good ) mobile games.

- Review the games that you thought was really good and spread the word for the same.

- Post any interesting news, and interviews or other useful material that would help the mobile gamers, and educate them about the fast growing mobile gaming with useful tips, suggestions, analysis, solutions and valuable lessons for the gamers to understand about everything regarding mobile gaming industry.

- Share your achievements, and scores of any mobile game with the community.

- Invite members to join you in playing 1 on 1 sessions.

- General chat about mobile gaming


NOTE: This topic is exclusively for GAMES, and not about mobile "hardware or software" related activities, which should be taken to the "Technology" section of the forum. If you have any questions regarding any GAME not working properly, or need any assistance in troubleshooting those games, then feel free to use this topic, as well.


To begin ...


Mobile gaming has occupied my attention during the past few months now. It's a great alternative for passing some good time in enjoying games that I found really amazing to make it worth installing on the phone.

Currently, Miniclip's 8 ball pool, and Microsoft Solitaire Collection are the two games I play in spare times. 8 ball pool is incredible with it's simple, yet loaded with so many interesting things in one app. I'm still at level 9, and gaining more XP with more experience and practice. No issues in connection, while the whole system of match making is so damn straightforward. There are various in-game daily, offers to buy coins, cues, and other stuff, but I have managed to buy items through rewards I earned during matches that I didn't find the game puts you in a situation where you are forced to pay in order to gain more XP, or unlock other challenges, like so many games with in-game transactions turn the whole experience annoyingly grindy. 8 ball pool is solely driven by skills and abilities, and if you have the experience and good knowledge then it's so much fun to earn coins and various other cool rewards without spending a single dime. Kudos to Miniclip for creating such a cool game.


What about you guys? What games do you have installed in your phones, and how is the experience, so far? :)

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It's very rarely i play mobile , but the only game's i ever got into on phone or tablet are all the GTA titles on mobile & i'd have to say they are pretty decent ,but i see they always get criticized for being too difficult to control & i don't see what all the fuss is about like yeah i mean their different then the console port's & not to mention PC ,but i don't have any issue's with them throughout my playthrough's


Some other game's i got into as well , but didn't have installed for long were 8 Ball Pool & Peggle Blast & for the reason of why i deleted these app's were due to the fact that i could just play these on the PC via Facebook Game's instead.

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I am not a hardcore mobile phone gamer but I have played a lot of them on my mobile phone. I have played every GTA available for android on my phone, I find them quite easy on phone. Apart from that I used to play Shadow Fight 3. I am a great fan of Mortal Kombat franchise, but the mobile version of the game really sucks. The gameplay is just tap, tap and swipe. The graphics are great BTW and there are lots of characters.  I played Gangster Vegas too for a short time. 

I have approximately played every Subway Surfer game and every versions of it; Rio, Mumbai, NYC, Beijing,etc. Temple Run, fruit ninja, Candy crush are also some of them I played in the past.

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