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I don't know if this has been touched on already in another thread...but I would love if they came out with an update where we could utilize the casino.


It would be an awesome time killer if we could go there and gamble on slot machines, blackjack, roulette, play poker, etc. Heck, even add in some horses at the track to bet on. I think that would be a kicka*s update.

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"The Casino Update" has been a topic that's been rumoured and had rumours quashed since Day 1 of the game.


Please, I beg you, don't start it up again haha.

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Its been coming soon since 2013, and probably will continue to be 10 years from now.


The Casino is probably in the top 5 most talked about things. All this ranting people go on about gambling laws bla bla bla is rubbish. 1. Gambling/betting is already in the game. 2. Loads of games, specially mobile games have the option to purchase in-game currency with real currency to bet with. 3. Loads of work-arounds by the community have popped up in regards to losing purchased Shark Card money.


Personally, I wouldn't mind a Casino be added. But I don't mind if it isn't added either. Its been talked about so much since launch, its just gotten over-talked about :lol:

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We have entire theads dedicated to the wishes of the playerbase, and speculation on future content. You should check them out.


Topic closed.

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