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Gnocchi Flip Flops

Share Your Stories - Vehicles

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Quick disclaimer: I originally made this post in the Übermacht Gallery a few months ago, but it fits the "vibe" of this thread, so I thought I post it here until I get around to take photos of my DDH cars & do my posts about them.




Commemorated lvl760 by taking my Übermacht Oracle XS* collection for a trip across the state of San Andreas & using a different car of each leg of the trip.















(racing a local resident)









(racing a local employee)










* The Oracle XS happened to be based on the BMW 760Li (E65), which is my all time favorite car.

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Wheres the guide for the Yosemite muscle car pickup?



Its not in the index of vehicles...... I was looking for some set up specs for it, to use in races.

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Cutter De Blanc
Posted (edited)

Honestly surprised I placed third out of seven in a Sports Race using my Hijak Khamelion :O

Edited by Cutter De Blanc

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For my inaugural post on this forum, I present to you my concepts for GTA car lore.


These give backstories and different reasons why cars are they way they are in GTA (such as development and crap like that).




Vapid was in trouble. They had the legendary 24 hours at Le Femmes in France, and people expected to make their move for the fiftieth anniversary of the win. Their legendary Bullet GT Classic (called this later to differentiate from modern Bullet), had won the first place spot in 1966.

After Grotti publicly humiliated them at the 1967 spot, with their 1967 Stinger GTPX, they retreated from Le Femmes forever. Until 2016.


The modern Bullet GT (2005) was never submitted to the race. In 2014, production of the Bullet GT was halted due to lack of interest and the general vapidness of their consumers.


Vapid Performance Enhanced (VAPE) built a brand new car for the 2016 Le Femmes race.


Welcome to the FMJ. Rear wheel drive. Performance V6. Aerodynamic from front to back.


This born and bred American supercar's forefather demolished all the other racers at Le Femmes 1966.


It was it's turn to destroy the Ocelot XA-21, the Dewbauchee Vagner, and the disgusting pile of trash Grotti called the X80 Proto.

The FMJ had all the heritage in the world. Assisted by creators of the legendary Ellie and Chino, the car had bite like no other American car had shown in years.


Le Femmes 2016 approached. The Vapid FMJ was given a press release, showing the Civilian model and the incredible Track-spec model which would compete in Le Femmes 2016.

The night comes. Vapid is terrified.


Over two million dollars are bet on the FMJ winning.


First place, for the first time in years, the Americans took. The FMJ wrecks them all. The X80's engine failed, and the aerodynamic pieces were not meant for twenty four hours of racing. XA-21 was too slow, and the track spec additions made it aerodynamically worse. Pegassi's addition, the Tezeract, failed miserably, as it was electric-only. The Vagner had completely fallen apart on the fourth lap.


Le Femmes 2016 was theirs. Vapid won.


The legacy the FMJ produced caused a surge of interest in it, causing over 200 orders to come overnight for the newly legendary supercar.

Even the original Bullet was put back into small-batch production.


Vapid, as a company, had their first glory in years.

And they of course gloated like the Americans they are.





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Another car lore. Hope you guys enjoy this.




The 2018 Pegassi Tezeract.


World's first electric hypercar. A massive middle finger to the dolts over at Coil that their electric cars suck more than a Vanilla Unicorn hooker in heat.


The Tezeract was a response; a response to a world wary of electric performance cars. "The Coil Voltic was awful", they say, unknowing of the monstrosity that awaited them.


The story of this car begins simply. An office meeting while all the executives were piss faced drunk occurred. They suggested an "electric hypercar", ordered the intern to do it (as an obvious joke). The moronic intern Benitar thought that was a real order, and the designers got to work on "Project Cube", without the higher executives knowing until the launch of the car (mostly due to their work habits including getting sh*t-faced drunk every work day). Ariolen Sulltola (CEO and Grandnephew of the founder of Pegassi) was furious, demanding they cancel the project immediately.


He didn't realize how much money he would make from the already 500+ orders.


2.8 million dollars for each car sale, they told the ignorant executive. He softened (and hardened) up a bit at that figure. Pegassi didn't know the hypercar market well, besides their Osiris (which was mostly handled by Fatalli Cars Italy).

Once Ariolen approved of the project, they decided this would be the number one competitor to the "concept into production" cars that their long-time rival Grotti had been sh*tting out for the past year. Both Dewbauchee and Overflod would be sh*tting their pants as well: for this electric f*cking "overpriced Prius" had beaten their petrol piles of dogsh*t.

Reveal Day. March 20th, 2018. Reviva Motor Show.


Pegassi unleashed this bolt of lightning onto the show floor. Dazzled by the concept looks and electric motor, patrons of Reviva had never seen anything like this before.

Ariolen had taken a chance. For once he allowed a new, progressive idea onto the show floor.


It worked spectacularly.


Act 2: Overflod's Response


Overflod was pissed; they almost went bankrupt after the Entity XXR had failed at market earlier that year. A new power would rise in Sweden, something never seen since the 1940s.

A tyrant would be born before the flames of hate and anger for this riced up Italian Prius.

Welcome to the Tyrant.






Sorry if this is considered as a double post.

I hope you enjoyed my piece of writing! If you want to suggest anything to me, message me.


Feel free to criticize.


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Posted (edited)

The 2018 Overflod Tyrant.


Road and track, whats the difference anyway when their lawyers can make any vehicle street legal?


The Tyrant was a new breed of hyper car, with the power of an Obey engine and the aerodynamics designed by the legendary car designer Mormon von Overflod, (who designed the failure Entity XXR and the commercial success of the Autarch) this car would bring Overflod back from the edge of bankruptcy.


It didnt work.


Sweden imposed heavy taxes upon the Tyrant for being not Liberal enough because it couldnt run on biofuel or run on hybrid tech.


It also was huge; too heavy and wide. Just like a Vapid without that American muscle charm.


Overflod would not recover from this.. unless they release a new car that could impress billionaires..

Edited by AdmiralNether

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Posted (edited)

Driving around in my Issi Classic obeying the traffic laws and trying to make it as close to driving in real life as possible reminded me of how incredible the gta map is. I know I don't say this enough but thanks Rockstar! :inlove:




p.s. now that we're friends again R*, where are the new clothes?! :cry:

Edited by xwinkx_girlYakuza

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Cutter De Blanc
Posted (edited)

I was in a dogfight for like five minutes before I suddenly realized my missiles were set to "Homing Off". I was like, "why isn't it locking on, I'm right up his ass"

Finally got the lock on right as I got shot down.

Edited by Cutter De Blanc

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