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GTA SA skins Unity


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Hi, I wanna use some GTA SA skins for VRChat, but I'm totally TOTALLY new into 3D modeling. So for now I'm wondering how to import any GTA SA skin to Unity. Thanks in advance.

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Found out how to do it. I'm a little late to post here though.

Download Blender and Unity, and VRC SDK for Unity. Grab a DFF TXD skin and make sure you can open the .txd file with txdworkshop, otherwise you'll have no textures.

Download DFF importer for Blender, then import your dff. Make sure it doesn't have many polys. Export it as a obj/fbx file and put it into a zip file. If you are using a OBJ file, make sure you also put that extra file that came with it.

For the textures, open the txd file with txdworkshop and export all the textures as PNGs. Place all the PNGs in the ZIP file.

Go to mixamo.com, make an account/sign in. Upload your .ZIP file and if the textures don't show up, just put in the OBJ/FBX. Place all the markers and search up "T-Pose." Download your skin in that animation and open Unity.

Open your project. You want to install your VRC SDK package so that you can upload your skin to VRChat. It will take a few minutes.

Extract your T-Pose OBJ/FBX file and extract your PNG files into the textures file once you have already extracted your OBJ/FBX file because the OBJ/FBX file will open up the texture folder.

Put your OBJ/FBX skin in the scene, so that you are able to view it.

Open the textures folder, and place the PNG textures with the glossy balls by dragging and dropping the PNG into one of the things, (I forgot, here's a link [VRCHAT] How to make your own avatar in VRCHAT - YouTube) and after that click select on your skin.

You need to do some stuff (https://www.reddit.com/r/VRchat/comments/6yan9a/spine_hierarchy_incorrect_please_help_me_im_going/ read what the first comment says)

After that, add a thing that says VRC_Avatar Descriptor and after that you can upload and all done (too lazy on ending)

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