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PS4 Recuiting for Tha H1v3 for streaming on Twitch/tv


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Looking to fill my crew up Tha H1v3 ( aka The Hive) http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/tha_h1v3


A group For Online Tactical Shooters.
On June 17 the swarm became too big and new Hives needed to be built, we split onto 2 continents
We are brothers in arms, our strength comes through unity. Our honor is loyalty. Our resolve is ever strong and we never surrender. Every member will lay down their life to defend their brother.



The Hive is a clan who started out on Xbox with Ghost Recon, first game on the console that was playable online.
Since then The Hive has grown with Members on Xbox360 , PC , PS3. and now on PS$
You can see The Hive as a collective of gamers all around the world and now we want you!

The Hive and the Like in all things in Life there are some rules that we need you to obey 1f609.png ;)
Rule Guide:
After joining the Hive please add at least the leaders to your friends list on Rockstar Social and PSN so that you can immediately start getting experience with us.
Treat everybody with the same respect you want yourself.
Always try to get as many Hive members on one team.
When doing battle with The Hive always use the clan tag "Hive".
Mic´s are required!
Everybody has to be active in recruiting new members with the same thinking ideology The Hive has.
We need you to be active on PSN and Rockstar Social
Always accept friends and invites with special referral of The Hive on it.
A member has to play with The Hive for at least 3 days a week.
Always Welcome new Member's of the Hive
All leaders must be devoted to The Hive and may only be a leader in The Hive

There is also a role play part wanna use tactical vehicle warfare as they do with army convoys in dagerous area's and implement that with the crew in online servers The convoys all black with crew logo vehicles makes sure that all the crew members can farm for what they need.

The hive is a secret goverment organization that get there funding with illegal practises

Want to make my crew as a Hive of active players who join each other and grind and do missions together and make money.Also have a police role taking out any player's that are terrorizing the server' that got a bounty on there head's.

Wanna be well recognizable with all black car's with crew logo.

New players welcome we also looking for commisioners, lieutenants and officers to get promoted to this function need to be actif with in the crew.





  • Be Actif with in the Crew.
  • Dont kill Crew member's.
  • Dont kill other player's for no reason.
  • Allway's use black car's with crew logo.
  • Treat everybody with respect.
  • Help to make the Crew stronger and bigger at all cost's.
  • Use the Mic.
  • Take out anoying player's with bounty on there head that are terrorizing the server.
  • All members allway's in 1 server.
  • Make all vehicles available to all member's.
  • Help to make the server more safer for player's.
  • Help and join job's and other stuff that is going on.
  • Over 18 year's old.

Also all games will be Streamed i have a daily stream on http://www.twitch.tv/strik3d1


And Video's will be posted on Youtube when worth posting.




So let's grow and make money together !!!

Edited by Strik3d
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let's earn some money. the meaning of the crew is talking over server's in number's and do Heist and other job's.


Edited by Strik3d
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