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Jack Lupino

Max Payne 2 15th Anniversary

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Jack Lupino
Posted (edited)

This thread is dedicated to one of my all time favorite game and sequel to max payne(another classic 3rd person shooter game) .It turns 15 this year which was originally released on october 15,2003 for ps2,xbox and pc.


What are your favourite memories about this game?


I loved the song "Late Goodbye" by Poets of the fall and it fitted perfectly with games theme.

It had a very emotional storyline and immersive gameplay. Although it wasnt open world game,but the minor details showed in the game is very impressive. You could interact with objects that made the game feel more alive.


The ragdoll physics are probably the best thing about Max Payne 2. Making enemies fly off via grenade was tons of fun.


This game as also filled with most funny gltiches and easter eggs.


You could play both as Mona Sax and Max Payne which is amazing.


Due to better production values compared to the first game, including its more polished story, more professional scripts, and better acting and graphics. The complexity of Max's character was a welcomed change and he didnt look constipated anymore :lol:


Despite poor sales it got rave reviews from critics such as IGN and Gamespot.


So what is your opinion about this game? Do you think Rockstar will release mobile ports of this game like max payne 1? Discuss.

Edited by Jack Lupino

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Posted (edited)

I liked the game as well! The story was great, but perhaps a bit too short. The graphics and physics were really cutting edge for its time as well.

Edited by Rucke

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Payne Killer





"Max, dearest of all my friends"


I don't give a sh*t about reviews this game is awesome, need to play again.

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Just recently completed it on the PS2, wasn't as bad as I remembered it being.


Lag only occurs in cutscenes and man the whole aesthetic of the game is perfect literally perfect. Being on rooftops and looking down at the street, everything feels epic in this game. The writing is at its best here, nothing quite like it has existed since, anywhere. The sections you play as Mona are underrated too, she's doing cartwheels and sh*t to dodge bullets or covering Max with a sniper.


Makes me sad that people here are probably as old as the game lmao

Edited by Mr_Rager

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