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I feel like Los Santos could use some more heroes.


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I often find myself high above the clouds, looking down on a peaceful, bright lit Los Santos below. Hovering above the Maze Bank building silently in my Akula, making sure there is peace in the night.


In a city where so many good citizens, who are trying to do the right thing and earn money, or socialize with others, are often brutally attacked by Hydras and Lazers for pure sport. Where people marked with bounties try to wreak havoc among the public. Where those who wanted nothing more than to just buy the newest kicks from Ponsonbys are ran over, or are shot from the window of a passing Zentorno, unprovoked. Who stands for these people? Who answers the call to protect the masses from the evil, born of the bowels of LS? I consider myself one of the few.


There I sit in the clouds, watching as an Oppressor gives chase to an unsuspecting victim. Without regard for my own safety I begin my decent, careful to never reveal my identity to the citizens I protect. As I approach altitude, I get that weaponized, gliding motorcycle in my sights. Stealth mode is now off, missiles are locking. I fire. The unsuspecting villain is hit directly in the tailpipe with two shots of Los Santos justice. The would-be victim of his is now safe to live another day.


Being a vigilante is tough. Citizens sometimes mistake you for the enemy.The police are often trying to kill you; even though you both fight on the same side. You get no recognition because your mask keeps your identity a secret. When I was very young, my parents were brutally murdered in the streets of another hate-filled city...Gotham.


I flee the scene, as to not give away my identity. When I am clear and out of sight, I begin my ascent back to the lonely night skies, ready to do violence on good people's behalf.


I fight for those who cannot do it for themselves, and for those who can protect themselves, but are caught off-guard by the scum this city produces. But I am a firm believer that by knowing what lurks in the skies above, even the most hardened criminals can turn around and be good - because they know I am watching.

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Good luck convincing all the screeching preteens to be a hero instead of exploding everything in sight. I like where your head is at though, could use more people like you.

Edited by Starkoji
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I have a throw away account that I use to help my main with daily objectives when I can’t find help. When I spawn into a new lobby after a job I kill the character a couple times and mug them for their cash. That always attracts a “hero” because of the dupes low rank. It’s fun to kill said hero a few times and watch them take their frustration out on the one they were trying to save.

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This thread has a different set of replies everytime I visit...


I think the Mods are high above the clouds watching in their Akula looking to take out people who troll on their Oppressors ;)

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