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Help with passive businesses "setup - opinions


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I am looking for something new to do in the game, so I bought Weed and Forgery in the city. (So please, don't judge me, or say to me - "coke is more profitable, bunker is the only worth passive income" stuff ^^)


Right now I have Route 68 facility, Route 68 Clubhouse, Route 68 bunker, and sandy shores Coke, Meth and Cash.


With Facility I have that teleport thing, so I could easily teleport myself for resupply Coke, Meth, Cash and Bunker, and I use CEO ability for 5000 $ to teleport myself to Arcadius (right now, I am in a middle of doing CM, so I cant have that heist teleport message).


Forgery for me is only payable if I steal supplies, and many resupply missions for me was in the city. So, I would like to keep it there. Therefore it's more 'active' than passive income for me, I am not just waiting for product. Also, Forgery in a city is super close to highway and my Arcadius office. Trash trucks mission is a piece of cake. Also, I don't like the position of Forgery in Sandy Shores, it's close to airfield, but roads are somehow confusing for me... And by my previous experience with stealing supplies for coke, 80% of supplies missions are in the city. So I think I will keep it there.


My "real" problems are Facility and Weed.


Weed is close to Arcadius, but weed for me is completely passive income, because I just buy supplies for it. For now, I had 3 delivery missions, 2 of them were bags with friends, and one was boats. So, I don't have any opionion about road accessibility for Weed in city. But, as passive income, it's just easier for me to buy supplies and sometimes just wait in route 68 clubhouse while doing stuff in real life, and than check status of supplies via computer in clubhouse. Also, bunker is super close to clubhouse, so I can easily check that also. If I see that weed needs supplies, it's more practical for me to just travel to weed in desert, than to the city. Also, I like that weed in desert is like directly close to highway as Forgery is.


Facility - I like Route 68, but that Facility... Is just akward for me on top of that hill xD It's super practical (personal aircrafts spawning near entrance, close to my MC business and bunker).

I would like to own a Sandy Shores Facility, because location is close to highway, it's close to Sandy Shores Weed, it's even close to Act1 and Act3 starting locations while doing those finales (I read that even act2 is good if I travel via railroad) ... Also, it's somehow nice to see a train pass by :D


I need to mention why I choosed weed and forgery in city - I felt that it would be cool to eg. deliver coke in city, and than go to weed. deliver weed to sandy shores, and than go to meth. after delivering meth in city, i go to forgery, and from forgery in sandy shores, I just go to Cash and have that "quick MC cycle delivery". For now, my idea is "working" very good...


BUT...Checking that weed as a "passive" profit, is a "big downside" for me. When I steal supplies for Forgery, I knew that I will get 4-5 bars of product anyway, so I dont care about it, but for weed... Somehow I feel it will be easier to put all "passive" incomes to desert. Because I only plan to steal supplies for forgery if I am interested in.


I tried to own a Hawick clubhouse, but than - one day I needed to go somewhere while being in the bunker in desert. Than, when I wanted to check all of MC business how they are progressing... I remembered that I need to go to Hawick clubhouse to check it xD So having route 68 clubhouse is a big plus for me, I will probably not changing it never again.


What is your opinion, should I change it or not ? Money "doesnt" matter, I only look for "fun", and a good practical setup of my business in the game.



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Rich people problems, hey?.


It don't matter, too much effort and thought dude. But you answered it already, the one that's the most fun and practical to you.

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Lol. So you bought the two worst businesses and ignoring the good advice.


I own these businesses, and still steal all supplies too.


I just enjoy playing, and I want all businesses with at least twice earned to what I paid. Didn't take too long either, lol. Some don't play for maximum efficiency, as it's just a game. Hence my earlier post. Just buy whatever one and have fun. It's OP's choice really, lol.


Too easy.

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