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GTA Concept DLC - The Dragster Update


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Introducing The Dragster DLC. A DLC which revolves around buying, customizing, showing off, and using vehicles to their full potential. Pretty much a mix of Cunning Stunts, and Lowriders.




These vehicles can be taken to LSC for loads of awesome customization, and some will hardly have any at all. Not to mention this is a DLC dedicated to cars, so there will be a lot of them.


(Super) Pegassi Virus - Pagani Zonda MD: $2,180,000


(Super) Coil Prowler - Tesla Roadster 2020: $2,095,000


(Super) Pfister Charger GT - Porsche Carrera GT: $1,712,000


(Super) Pegassi M19 - Lamborghini Terzo Millennio: $2,215,000


(Super) Vapid LM500 - W Motors Lykan Hypersport: $1,967,000


(Sport) Overflod Atom - Rezvani Beast Alpha: $1,235,000


(Sport) Grotti Invader - Ferrari 488: $1,374,000


(Sport) Ocelot N1-H7 - Acura NSX: $1,128,000


(Sport) Grotti S750 - Ferrari J50: $1,310,000


(Sport) Karin 55 - Toyota 86: $1,256,000


(Sport) Dewbauchee Omega - Alfa Romeo 4C: $1,331,000


(Muscle) Albany GXT - 1970 Oldsmobile 442: $423,000


(Muscle) Declasse Hornet - 1970 Chevy Chevelle LS6: $395,000


(Sports Classic) Vapid GT70 - Ford GT40: $937,000


(Sports Classic) BF Cricket - Volkswagen Karmann Ghia: $783,000


(Sports Classic) Pegassi Saint60 - Lamborghini Diablo: $849,000


(Sports Classic) Ocelot Classico - 1951 Jaguar C-Type: $1,200,000


(Sedan) Coil VX20 - Tesla Model 3: $453,000


(Sedan) Benefactor Arachnid - Mercedes A-Class: $384,000


(SUV) Coil Z5 - Tesla Model X: $577,000


(Coupe) Imponte Spring 50 - Pontiac Solstice: $895,000



Special Vehicles:


Cargo Plane: $2,750,000 - this is the cargo plane from single player. Once owned, you and your friends can place up to 10 of your own vehicles all together. The plane comes with seating to hold up to 20 players.


Vehicle Transport Truck: $1,345,000 - this is a truck that can safely transport you, and a selected vehicle to any place you want. If the truck is destroyed, the car will be teleported out, and be spawned near you.



Car Meets:


With this update comes car meets. Every 2 hours, you will be given a 15 minute notice to a Car Meet that will be taking place at a random location throughout San Andreas. Each car meet can hold up to 21 players. This is based on a first come, first served policy. If your car is damaged in any way once you get to the meet, it will be repaired before the event begins. While in the Car Meet, you nor other players may use weapons, and players not in the Car Meet will not be able to kill, or destroy the participants, and their vehicles. At the end of the Car Meet, participants will vote on who they thought had the best car. The winner will be given $250,000.





Drag Races:


A new race type is coming to the game, its drag races. Drag races can hold up to 16 players. Once the host chooses what car class will be used, the comptetion will begin. Each player will go up against another player. If you win, youll continue to the next round, if you lose, youll explode. This cycle then repeats until there is a winner. The winner will get $100,000.


Team Races:


Team Races are like regular races, but your not alone. Once everyone on your team (up to 4) passes through a checkpoint, you may continue. You can race up to 4 other teams. Shoot them, blow them up, push them away...only thing that matters is to cross the finish line with all your teammates. Winning team wins 50k each.





Clothes like business suits, retro attire, lounge wear, etc.. will be added to the game.





Stun Gun: $92,000


Flame Thrower: $145,000



Adversary Modes:


Chicken: 2 players on two separate teams spawn on opposite sides of a thin platform. First one to knock the other one off wins. First team to a select amount of wins, wins.


Blender: 16 players spawn on one platform. As they continue to knock into each other until they fall through a hole on to another platform. They keep doing this until theyve fallen through 3 holes. If you fall through 3 holes, you explode.





As this is a DLC revolves around vehicles, older vehicles have been put into their rightful class. Cars like the Moonbeam will be moved into the Vans class, the Sultan RS, and Banshee 900R will be moved into the Sports class, etc..


Import/ Export payouts will be doubled.


Downforce will be changed to how it was during the Gunrunning DLC



good enough.

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