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What kind of player are you?

Aggregate Demand

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Griefer but as of the past few moths I only go after high level or high KDs

Going after low levels is boring


I try not to attack low levels unless they appear to be tryhards or unless they attack me first


If im not griefing I just drive around in passive either fixing cars up or styling up my character or just driving around

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A retiree. 😂 I got 60 cars, all meticulously specced out and organized, properties, jets, helis, etc and 80 mil in assets.


I don't play very often but when I do literally all I do is cruise around. Concierge services for everything. Check out what other players are doing. My "career" in this game has pretty much run its course. Kind of like the game has. Time for something new.

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Weekday: A grinder who always struggles with lack of garage space (🙏plz arena workshop discount🙏)

Weekends: An adventurer who spend hours pretending to be a civilian

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I'm definitely a grinder, but I'm noticing that the more money I've made recently, the more time I spend chilling. These days I probably spend less than 50% of my time grinding. I do the odd mission/heist when I fancy a change of scenery. I'll help others out if they need a hand. I can't stand griefers. I'll actively go after griefers. I might do a bit of trolling for a laugh, but I won't take it to extremes. If I'm pissing someone off I'll stop.

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The Socializer. I'm Rank 33 with a nice mid-end apartment with comfy decor, a nice muscle car with decent speed, and enough weapons to get me by if a dangerous situation arises. Definitely in it just for fun because I'm a huge sucker for Adversary Mode matches with a couple of friends. I hardly grind at all and I'm very content with where I am in-game for now.

Edited by TheGayOni
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I'm into competitive dogfighting with the Lazer and starling. I usually do jet deathmatches with friends or randoms but when nobody joins I session hop until I find a jet lobby.

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I see myself as a bit of a vigilante, a but an anti-hero too. I don't exactly "help" people, but sitting around and watching the helpless get attacked and killed lets me know who I need to target. By night, this is definitely how I play now. It's more rewarding than anything. 


But by day, I'm a car guy, kind of a gambler too. 

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Im a grinder first and formost i'm a peaceful player until you attack me unprovoked then i unleash my army of toys against you(rc bandito, rc tank)



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The Ghost - used to exist, now doesn't (not really), although every so often, someone catches a glimpse of what looks like the forlorn spectre of a launch-era player, still driving a regular car, not a Freemode business or weaponised vehicle in sight, puttering down the road to pick up a new t-shirt from the clothes store, before disappearing back into an old-school apartment building and fading back into the mists of GTAO long since passed... 👻

Edited by Commander S
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If @Commander S is a ghost, I am has-been. Still active forum user and day one player who have tried everything in the game, but never plays it these days. I was a grinder, cruiser, PvP moron, tank griefer, tank sniper, duper, glitcher, you name it. After 2017 and moving to PC I was mostly grinding with a crew up to the moment I have decided to give up on the game completely.

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Grinding money and fvck the world player.

I send out ceo invitations 3 times spam. Who joins will get rich quick. Who doesn't will die.


Nothing personal. 

Just intended collateral damage.

It's just too much fun doing headhunter or hostile takeover, blowing up a drive meet with the hydra's explosive machine gun, vehicle cargo drivers...so funny

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  • 1 year later...

Im The Lone Wolf, The Grinder, The Larcenist, The Pro, and The Military/Paramilitary Player.

Almost always wears utility vest and some type of mask.

Most of my money came from heists, sell missions, and other jobs.

Did most of my stuff solo but sometimes with friends.

I kill people who are griefing sometimes.

And help those in need of money.

Basically, Im a nice guy as long as your nice.


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I'm a lone wolf grinder - but what started as my "test" to see if a lobby is safe to grind in has wound up being a method I use to lure griefers away from other grinders - and with the Cayo Perico heist netting me about a million per hour (if I spend time doing it), I seldom feel the need to do the other work missions now and just as often look around to see how I can annoy griefers without ever firing a shot at them

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Grinder with a side of greifer/boyscout. I typically grind MC/Bunker/Nightclub sales. Sometimes I'll get frustrations out by jet/MK2 greifing a lobby save for anyone doing "work" (crates, heist equipment, etc.). Unless they take a shot at me, then it's on. 

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Been a racer, a collector, a grinder, a heister, a helper, a teacher, a creator, you name it.


Never been a griefer though, and public sessions have only ever been a place to go to see a big column of names on the left of the screen saying XXXXXX has left, then its off on a Nightclub sale. Or cargo, before Cayo made that a waste of time.


Now? Just a very bored player wasting 100 mil to transfer a bunch of stuff to my second character because for some reason Rockstar treat collectors like sex offenders and limit where we can go and what we can do.

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For my since-launch-old male character i used to be 'the grinder & heister & racer', these days that character is more like 'the bling & customizer & heister & racer', i got so much stuff that its been years since i've done any mc/ceo cargo, because theres 'nothing' i want to buy anymore, the few things i want from dlc's i can usually afford from just heisting & racing that i do for fun. Im unsure if i meet the full description of 'the pro' but at least some of it does match, but i dont really like the title of that role. Same goes for 'the white knight' one.

My more recent female character is 'the freeroamer & racer & heister' because after 7 years i mostly just wanna f- around in freemode (without unwanted attention because of level) & i can use the male character to make quick money, i end up racing and heisting occasionally on this character too because i cant always be arsed to switch char.

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similiar to banana OG Launch player, heister, grinder driving and chillin in freeroam. Ive only done pvp like 10 times and dont grief cause its a karma thing and you dont mess with karma willingly.


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A grinder ( having over a billion in my bank account)

A PVPler ( over 110k playerkills) most of them in deathmatches 

A good guy (hopefully) protecting sales of random players in freeroam and hunting down griefers and tryhards

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I am probably the most boring type of player going. I very rarely spend time in public sessions and happy to live in an invite-only. I occasionally do jobs with randoms however i get miffed if they dont choose 'hard' difficulty. Rarely if ever will i do a heist with a random. That's just asking for trouble that. 😅

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It's all about the legitimate grind for me as far as money making, and then satiating my passion for cars by increasing my collection. PvP be damned.

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I would classify myself as a casual, co-op, team player. I prefer to have fun and enjoy the game and not get involved in the PvP/competitiveness of the public free roam. Give me a invite only/Friends only session where we can focus on having fun across the map or doing missions and enjoying the thrill of the completing the objectives.

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