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What kind of player are you?

Aggregate Demand

Recommended Posts

Types of category I'm in... well ...

The Adventurer

The Racer

​The Fashionista

and most definitely a combo of

The White Knight and The Lone Wolf

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None really fit me all that well from what you posted.


I'm a survivalist, I do work on getting my crates but I do it cause I find the warehouses fun. I use back allys, the subways to get around and to avoid the braindead tryhards (zombies is how I see them). I like to find new paths to help me get around. I also don't go looking to kill other players but I do have the kills to show when it comes to saving my crates or skin.

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  • 5 months later...

I'm the Sir Thomas Moore of gtao. A Man for all Sessions. 

Edited by Smooth Longsack
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Like with many, I got a bit of most from OP's huge list in me.


Some exceptions: absolute 0% tryhard or griefer, both approaches stand diametrically opposed to my nature. I'm not striving to be a Pro, my playstyle has been described once as "almost aggressively non-competitive". And I don't do revenge griefing either.


Adventurer/Roleplayer - 30% 

Grinder - 25%
Customizer/Fashionista - 25%

Racer - 20%



Detailed analysis:




Moderate Grinder – somewhat, yes. It's a game, not work; too much grinding would take the fun away from the game for me (what use for having big money, big toys, when the game in itself has gotten stale?). I’m not into max efficiency; also, I don’t have any business running. Overall, I always try to find regular amusement with stuff that at least nets some cash, so money and RP tickle in regularly anyway. Sharing my gaming den with my special someone, we watch YT and talk, while I’m pretty much online every evening "on the side" – so money comes in very decent supply, without too much effort, and it adds up. But if I’m short for cash, I can put considerable effort into farming my favorite contact missions and Sightseer or other CEO work/challenges.


Devoted Customizer – big thing: Enacting my phantasies about being a kind of female superhero and international bigjob, I love having lots of classic themed vehicles, and I enjoy taking each of my babies for frequent rides (enter my great enthusiasm for Sightseer)


Sometimes Noob-ish: I have gained experience since my starting GTAO back Summer 2017, I can pull my weight at jobs (jobs not including parachuting, that is, a discipline I keep on sucking at with great subconscious determination), yet in PvP I am a sitting duck. Also since I very seldom play with others in the first place (I’m just too shy), the subtle lore of multiplayer social interaction still puzzles me. When I ask for instructions, what is expected of me, people of course get impatient, for they are used to everyone exploding into immediate action three seconds into mission start. I really feel uncomfortable then in these situations, and then of course I start messing up things out of fear nobody likes me any more, open embarrassment, and stress out. Hanging out with me takes some patience until I have found my flow, but once I get calmer, my experience kicks in, and I’m not Pro then, but I'm alright, I think.


Interested Roleplayer – absolutely, yes, as far as playing an immortal person with infinite pocket space goes (part of the superhero angle, I guess). Love trying different tactical themes in contact missions, I like building up stories in-game.


Ardent Adventurer – yes, especially cycling and using the scuba suit.


Enthusiastic Racer – occasionally, yes, either alone trying to beat my personal best, or in fair racing against others. However, again I lack the killer instinct: In fact I feel far more comfortable giving someone a good fight and coming in second, than winning too easy. Anyway, I’m not a perfectionist, and initial nervousness takes its toll, too, until I shine.


Dedicated Fashionista – I need more outfit slots, yes; I love experimenting with looks, with the exception of hair, where I found my look early on and have not succeeded since, despite several attempts, to find the courage in me for a change. Managed getting out of the hairdresser's five minutes once, sporting a new look, before storming back. 


Susceptible to Bling – yes, there are tendencies of that one in me. I don't need to own everything, it's not about that, but I like to look at my digital self having a good time with luxury stuff. I have, luckily, the patience to sit out discounts, so my moderate grinding suffices, and last Black Friday sale I also didn’t mind getting me shark card money, to fill out some corners. Call me now traitor to the hardworking grinder class, but there it is.


Much of a Lone Wolf – absolutely, yes. Largely because I really want to, I enjoy my own company; but once I join a group, I actually enjoy it very much, and sometimes I get a bit angry with myself, for being so socially anxious that I practically have to be dragged into any multiplayer interaction. It sometimes dawns on me that it cannot be easy hanging out with me...


(Would love to be a White Knight sometimes, but I am mortally afraid of hackers, preventing me from public lobbies in the first place; anyway, I am not nearly good enough PvP to bust anyone out against a determined griefer's onslaught. Guess I am more likely to be rescued by a White Knight, but "Damsel in Distress" didn't make it into OP's list so far.)



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Let's see...

I'm most definitely the Fashionista since I'm in the clothes store/hairdressers at least 5 times per session. Secondly, I relate to the Adventurer as I can drive/walk/bike around aimlessly enjoying the scenery and not get bored (I'd love it if animals were in online mode!). Lastly, I want to be the Socialiser, but I'm not. I'm the Lone Wolf who always wants to make friends but constantly runs into the Tryhards...no matter how friendly I am it's almost impossible to make friends these days!

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The fashionista hands down. My guilty pleasure in any video game is character customization. If it wasn’t for griefers/modders I would probably do more than customize my character but for now all I’m willing to do is jump in and see what new clothing options there are.

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A little of everything except trouble maker.

I'd go in search of the trouble makers when feeling belligerent, but I'm no good at it and refuse to learn the sniper jig and use auto aim.


Everything else I like to try at times, and you need money to try it all, so I grind, trying to keep it interesting.

I'm still learning to be more efficient at money gathering.

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The stoned pro racer - I'm the guy who is in front with a big lead but suddenly drops into second, third, fourth place, ... until I slowly realise that I missed a checkpoint 30 seconds ago :sui:

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Grinder through and through. If something isn't making me money, or worse, COSTING me money, I'm not interested.

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According to the way I play,I'm the grinder, the customizer, and the lone wolf.According to the way my character looks,I'm the badass (of a chopper riding biker variety).

Edited by GTA-Biker
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I'm a combination of two group types - The Guardians and The Game Players.


If you want to be specific, I'm mostly a Militaristic Player and a White Knight in my experience, with a bit of The Customizer and The Grinder tossed in with it.


My choice of music makes me a bit of a Badass, but I don't play as one.


I can occasionally play as The Psycho but I don't often kill randomly.


I'm the Modder when I play on PS3 now.


Personally, I'd say I'm one of the pros of GTA:O.

Edited by PwnageSoldier
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  • 1 month later...

Grinder/ Roleplayer


I love collecting cars and aircrafts. and have enough money for future things. but when we roleplay, it's more of a laid-back thing. we use Mc/ CEO so we don't kill each other out of stupidity but when It's time to sell stuff we get out of roleplay mode and get more serious. 

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You can count me on the following..


The Grinder:

Every time I can, I start missions(re supply, I/E and Ceo like headhunter) even if we have some strangers on us...It's fun and we can earn money instead of waste time on some wannabe's..they can burn their money..I will not doing it.I also obsessed to steal other people's aircargo or I/E cars, I find that challenging also to go after pvp missions like pirate privancy, sight seen or the biker missions.All counts if it gets $$$.


The Customizer/Fashionista:I have except for my opressor and rocket voltic no neon cars they all look more realalistic or like from movies.The Fashion also, few Biker, few normal, few suits and a few military outfits.Normal hair/beardcuts but..black eyes 😛


The Adventurer: I enjoy to look into the map to know where I can go when I have trouble and get a advantage.


The Ceo:

I often invite others for rp and $$ also for sell and Vip Missions that I can give some $$ back.


The term Pro is a bit much but the description fits.Also I help where I can and defend other cargos especially from lower levels who play alone, give them my vehicles or defend them for tryhards/griefer.I remember how it was 2013 and give them chances but...do not f*ck with my trust no matter what level..


And helisexual but..who does not ;)

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I consider myself a lone wolf (not as in avoiding players, just as in doing stuff on my own), a racer, a pilot, a griefer. It satisfies me to kill others and if you kill me I will usually (not always) try to get revenge no matter how. It's likely that I shoot on sight. But I don't care about KD.


But sometimes, like every few weeks, I'm in a somewhat social mood and look for a random or randoms to play with in a cooperative way. When I'm in such a mood and you won't kill or sabotage me, I will never harm you in any way and be your GTA partner forever. 

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I’m a Lone Wolf Badass Grinder Larcenist CEO who really enjoys Customizing his muscle cars and motorcycles up to the nines, and sometimes having a good time Roleplaying as the Military with his friends because one of them is military.

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  • 1 year later...




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Standard Deluxe 59

75% customizer- cars are the main reason I play this game


10% racer- I'm half decent enough at racing to give people with winning records a real run for their money.


10% lone wolf- I still treat much of this game as a single player game.


5% bling- I own a lot. From cars, aircraft, military vehicles, useless crap like a yacht and a dump. 


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The griefer, perhaps more like spontaneous sadist, during ceo missions I kill strangers on the map, 

but also the helper, grinding with anyone who accepts invite. 


Really depends on mood. 

First time in GTA online after 5 years I actually drove some strangers somewhere, dropped em off. 


But definitely 24-7 oppressor mk2 hater and killer 

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