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What kind of player are you?

Aggregate Demand

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Interesting thread.


I am a mix of the grinder and the lone wolf. I prefer to run my business, produce product and sell it to make money over and over and over again when I'm online. I am a lone wolf in a sense that I do not trust other players at all and I'm not willing to accept any associates/prospects when working because like I said, I do not trust anyone but I'm also stuck in my own ways. I have a lot of experience with what I'm doing so I have good awareness of what works best and that is why I prefer to operate my stuff with my own methods.


However, I very much enjoy helping other players resupplying or selling when they need help because I usually enjoy doing that work myself when I'm alone. So, when I get an opportunity to help someone with that, I enjoy it, especially if it's biker stuff because that's what I'm most into. It's also zero risk for me because it's not my stuff on the line, so if something goes wrong like a griefer blows up the sale or the player I'm helping maybe is an untrustworthy asshole for example, I won't be affected even though I of course always do my best when I'm helping to make sure that nothing goes wrong. I rarely get to help people because I spend most of my time outside populated sessions.

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I'm a combination of The Grinder and The Pro.


I need my cash. I have a Meth Lab, a Cocaine Lockup, a Weed Growhouse, Counterfeit Cash factory and a weapons bunker. I have a Hangar too, but the smuggling sale missions are bull. My whole thing is resupplies and sales, and maybe some heists and contact missions so I don't get bored doing the same thing over and over. I don't care about K/D ratio or getting into it with other players, but start with me, and i'll end it. I don't claim to be "the best;" sometimes I go against some chump who obviously plays this too much - doing that side to side crap with a marksman rifle, ghost organization, bullshark testosterone, and some kind of war vehicle like a hydra or some form of helicopter - but I like to think I can hold my own most of the time. I've been sent every rage message known to man, all from people who started with me first. But like I said, I don't really care about fighting, I just want paid. You wanna get some money? So do I. I'd rather team up than fight. I'm usually cool with others until they shoot at me first.

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I've reached the end of the road..


I started out robbing stores with friends, played the adversary modes, grinding businesses, but that sh*t wore out fast, so for about 70℅ of my playtime I've had modded funds.


I've spent most of my time just goofing around with friends and customising cars. For me personally, that's the only fun content the game has to offer. The one thing Online will never have a shortage of however is trolling, and IMO that's pretty dismal.


I guess you could relate my current playstyle to Mad Max lol.. eternally modifying my war machines to take on the crazed, face-painted, inhabitants of Los Santos, now devoid of intelligent life, hoping to find my plains of solitude :)


(If I had to choose from the list, definitely Lone Wolf)

Edited by Guest
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I wouldn't say the pro because that would be exaggerating, there is always someone better than you at any given thing, but for sure would be "the experienced", i mostly grind bunker for myself with my crew, and then help them do their grind of choice, but then sometimes i launch some vip missions to "enable pvp without grief", so i mostly stay between those, and of course i answer questions regarding things in the game, even more if they are about making money.


I am also a racer, i think you forgot that one, played like 600 races between rockstar made and player made.


Overall a pretty balanced player if i can say so myself.


Oh and i'm a bounty hunter whenever i can if the target is not far away and pays more than 3k.

Edited by III-Ari-III
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I would call myself a grinder, adventurer, customizer and a griefer. I dont kill ppl doing free roam work or other missions unless they attack me tho. Im a clean player when it comes to pvp. Small rant: If only R* could balance this damn game pvp wise, Im sure the tryhard player would be *no more* or mostly irrelevant. this is the worst type of player imo, absolute cancer!!!

Edited by Duckdude001
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Yellow Dog with Cone

Grinder, customizer, sometimes socializer and sometimes lone wolf.


Most of the time, I'm pretty chill, but when someone targets me without reason, I don't hesitate to use tryhard tactics against them.


Also, you missed some categories like the Racer, the Heister (that word even exists?) and the Run n' Gunner.

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Definitely a military/paramilitary type, through and through. Looking back, have never bought anything not military related in some way... well, except for the Elegy RH8, but that hardly counts...

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Hmmm... out of the ones in the OP, I'd say I'm mainly the roleplayer, the lone wolf, and the fashionista, all mixed together.


All the RP is done only in the confines of my imagination, mind you, it's definitely not something I actually do when I play with friends or other people, but it certainly is the central element to the game to me, being able to create characters and situations for them through the use of all the available assets, from the map itself to properties, vehicles and clothing. There really is no other game like this and on the scale of GTA in my opinion!

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I would call myself a grinder, adventurer, customizer and a griefer. I dont kill ppl doing free roam work or other missions unless they attack me tho. Im a clean player when it comes to pvp. Small rant: If only R* could balance this damn game pvp wise, Im sure the tryhard player would be *no more* or mostly irrelevant. this is the worst type of player imo, absolute cancer!!!

Those dumb apes have no concept of balance. They seem to believe to counter one op thing with another op thing, therefore NOTHING is op (lol).

Someway somehow they just manage to make things worse along the way with their fetish to weaponize everything under the sun.

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I'm definitely a Customizer. My cars all have to look their best. Hell when I got my Hermes I spent 20 minutes just picking out PAINT. I like to fiddle with stuff and can't leave anything alone for long. My collection isn't really well organized (because I am LAZY). I should probably do that at some point.

I've got a bit of Lone Wolf, Adventurer and Grinder in me as well. I like to go exploring north of the city, though most of my time playing is spent trying to make money so I can buy more stuff. (I'm a bit of a shopaholic)


I spend most of my time in the game just quietly moving cars and such by myself. I'm not against helping other people (or taking offered help) but I figure most other people are busy doing their own thing and would rather not be bothered.

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The Hypocrite

Complain about every conceivable thing about how somebody else plays a videogame, proceeds to do everything they complain about.


The Depressed Loudmouth

Rail against everything and everyone on mic.

Threaten to kill people irl and in game. Get destroyed by some 13 year old.

Consider ending it all.


The Nice Guy

Drives around in a cheap car with loud colours honking their horn while campaigning for friendship and fun times on mic.

Becomes the lightning rod for the wrath of the lobby to ground itself on. Doesn't know what bst is or how to fly. Can be mistaken for a noob but is over level 500.


Ya Mum

Plays to escape the boredom of her hum drum existence raising you. In game character has skull tattoo and rebreather, explosive ammo and pure hatred running through it's veins. The tryhard is nothing compared to Ya Mum.


The Forummer

Having lurked for many years reading untold numbers of guides on how to stack in game currency, you are now lord of Los Santos. The 7sin kids may goad you for wasting away grinding, having never done a glitch but your sense of accomplishment is unrivaled. If you had applied yourself in study as much, you'd be a doctor or a lawyer but you didn't, you really good at GTA though.

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Lone wolf and racer (hotlapping for WR's). I used to be more sociable in game when it first released on PS3, but I've 2 young sons now and having to go afk at the drop of a hat, to deal with them bickering and fighting etc, makes it nigh on impossible to play co op with others.

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Well, Im a combination of the grinder, the customizer, the lone wolf and the pro.


I love making tons of money. I can dedicate hours and hours into making as much as I can as efficient as possible.

However, at the moment everything but my bunker is shut down. I currently make my cash by playing adversery modes, heists or helping my crew with their bussineses.


The money I make mostly gets spend on cars. I dont care if it is the newest or fastest car, if I like the look, I buy it. I love collecting cars and I rarely sell something I bought.

I dont organize my garages after brands or classes, but after certain themes. My gangs garage for example includes everything, from lowriders, to lost mc styled vehicles and a an Al Capone Roosevelt.


If I need to do stuff, I prefer to do it myself. Simply because if sh*t goes south Im the one to blame. Most of the 75 Million I got from I/E were made solo.

But that does not mean I dont like playing with other people. If my crewmates are online I join them and we have some fun together.


I would not call me a pro but a pretty decent player. I see myself/my character as a mercenary.

You need help to make money or air/ground support? Then I am you man for the job!

I know tricks to get myself out of problematic situations, Im decent at armed combat, I can handle tryhards, griefers and multiple attackers.

When I get into a combat situation, I prefer to play clean, aka. no bst, no suicide, no passive abuse, no noob rifle dancing and the only otr I use is the akula stealth mode.

Im a friendly player. Live and let live, is my credo. I never shoot first (unless you go a bounty) , but if you attack me or my buddys, you better look for cover.

Edited by Black-Dragon96
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I dunno, a mix between Lone Wolf and the Pro?


I rather just be alone since I mostly right now just do TT and take snapmatics in public sessions, but don't let my passiveness fool you, I can if needed defend myself against all ranges of threats that exist.

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i guess i'm sort of 50/50 between Pro and Lone Wolf meaning i generally mind my own business but will still gladly accept and give help other friendly players if needed. That said, if you do doomsday heists with me, i do pay in correlation with how long it takes us to do it, i reward competence and effort when possible since i could possibly do some I/E with the time saved because of it (i'd give the fairest cut if you can manage us to get the first act done in circa 80 minutes but will give only 15% if it took us 120 or more since i could've done I/E in that time for 300K/hour anyway, and that pays associates f*ckall as far as i'm aware off, they really need to entice players to be associates more)


All of that said, i WILL f*ck up anyone who thinks it's a good idea to piss me off, and i do it with the least amount of money nescesarry for it (heavy revolver to the head anyone?)

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Im a

* Sheriff - who likes f*cking with griefers and helping strangers (even if they turn their backs on me)

* Grinder- since money is always an issue

* Customizer

* Aviation Pilot - always flys the Avenger because its AWESOME

* Glitcher - because most of my outfits have some type of clothing glitch to make them unique and I always take advantage of money glitching opportunities before R* patches them.

* Etc - because theres too much to name

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I'm complicated, that's what I'm. I'm strictly a lone wolf grinder with a hint of customizer & fashionista.


I have 67 cars & 23 planes all done to perfection, I spend hours customizing & retuning them over & over again until I'm satisfied with each one. I also make sure they don't have any interior trash at all & I've spent millions of dollars to make it happen. But I don't park them based on themes, class types or time period. The first floor of my office garage have a 6x6, an Armored Baller LE, a Bestia, Cognoscenti, a Striling GT & a Super Diamond.


The closest I have to a "Themed garage" is my NFS Golden Era tribute, which includes a GP1, a Penetrator, a Comet Retro, an Infernus classic, a Turismo classic* & a Cheetah classic.



* The Turismo classic is an honorary member of the group despite not being in the first 6 Need For Speed games.



I care about how my character looks & I always make sure he is well dressed & squeaky clean ... But I don't really discuss clothing in the forums.



As I said above, I'm a lone wolf grinder .... The Solo Public Session is my kingdom & mine alone.

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The type of player that never shoots you first nor fights back because he don't care.

Play lone wolf when he has the means to and plays with randoms when required. Joins CEO player if they help him in exchange of cooperation and is polite to those who don't act weird. That's what i am.

Maybe the only thing that would make me more unique is my passion for stock looking vehicules based on real life work.

None of my vehicules is improvised. Even my outfits are based on someone's else outfit.

Edited by DoxerWhite
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