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What kind of player are you?

Aggregate Demand

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Aggregate Demand

On this forum, as well as through commentary on other online-based platforms, we have categorized GTA Online players into different kinds or types.


I thought it would be interesting to see what players on this forum identify themselves as. We all have biases towards or against certain types of characters, however this thread is a safe place for you to unashamedly profess your personal style, gaming methods, and preferred types of interactions whilst navigating the open world of GTA Online.





The Tryhard - ​Your sole reason for playing the game is to destroy other players and boost your kill/death ratio. You care little for friendliness and you take pleasure in destroying another player's gaming experience. You dress like a cross between a paramilitary fighter questioning their sexuality (regardless of gender) and a child at Halloween dressing up as their favorite superhero. You take the Easy Way Out if threatened, and take to the skies in military aircraft should your efforts on ground be feeble.


The Griefer - ​Much like 'The Tryhard', you want to ruin everything in sight, but your kill/death ratio does not matter. You will try to destroy another player's progress, whether that be CEO/VIP/MC sales, or general play such as character and vehicular customization. If a group of players are having fun in a session, you need to piss all over it.


The Grinder - ​Money, cars, planes, and money. That's all you care about. You don't care for combat, although you certainly have the means to defend yourself against other players. You're all about selling product and making a profit.


The Customizer - ​Your garage(s) and/or aircraft hangar are/is curated to perfection. Each garage floor is presented in showroom condition, and your vehicles are tastefully modified to reflect historical accuracy. Showroom floors are curated on the basis of type of vehicle or period of vehicle, and you take great pleasure in showing off your expensive pieces of automotive and aeronautical art.


The Noob or Newbie - ​You haven't been in the game for long, and as such, you are unaware of many of the nuances inherent in the world of GTA Online. You are cannon fodder for certain types of players, but you're happy just to be a part of this bustling open world and as such, you seem to be impervious to the psychological anguish which impacts many other types of players who fall victim to tryhard tactics.


The Roleplayer - ​You refer to your CEO as 'boss' or speak in an overly professional or authoritarian manner to your subordinates, because in your mind, this isn't just a game - it's a simulation of a real life experience. You want to feel like you're actually being attacked by a fighter jet, or you're stealing drugs from biker gangs - you love the prospect of action, and the thought of being in the thick of it when sh*t goes down.


The Military/Paramilitary Player - ​Similar to 'The Roleplayer', you love the thought of being a hardened military operative. You and your crew or organization conduct convert operations in tactical vehicles and clothing to catch out your opponents and render them incapacitated. You aren't a tryhard or a griefer, but you certainly enjoy a bit of Tank or Hydra action, or even a good old Vespucci Beach PvP session.


​The Larcenist - ​You love stealing sh*t. When you first started out in the open world of GTA Online, you robbed liquor stores and boosted cars. As you progressed, the stakes got higher and the rewards were greater. You stole government documents for Martin Madrazo and Titan planes for Lester Crest. Then you chanced upon heists. You started small by stealing bonds from a safety deposit box, and you eventually ended up robbing an entire bank for a seven figure sum. This was financially lucrative. Finally, you were asked to stop attacks against the government by foreign, corrupted and private sector actors, the rewards of which were massive. Ultimately, you get excited by the thrill of larceny - financial or otherwise.


The Adventurer - ​You crave scaling Mount Chiliad in your four wheel drive, and hiking up walking trails. You take the open nature of the GTA Online world as it comes, and enjoy nothing more than breathtaking natural beauty. You frequent Paleto Forest and the walking and driving trails of Vinewood Hills.


The Racer - ​you spend a lot of your time racing. Your vehicles are modified to race and appearance is secondary in nature. You unlocked all vehicular customization options which are dependant on winning races very early into your GTA Online career. You frequently partake in Premium and Special Vehicle races, and finish high in the placings almost every time. You spend a lot of time in the Race Creator, creating challenging races which you take a lot of pride in. You purchase the fastest cars based on extensive testing, and you are extremely proud of your overall racing skill and ability.


​The Fashionista - ​You take great pride in your appearance. Your hair, beard or make up is always at the cutting edge (pun intended), and your fashion choices are very current and well thought out. You complain that Rockstar doesn't care about 'real fashion', and that there needs to be more selections for women, and better dress shoes for men. Layering seems to be a constant pet peeve of the Fashionista, as not being able to wear a certain type of business shirt under a suit jacket seems ridiculous.


​The Modder - ​You have a modified account with endless money and in-game content - which has primarily been acquired illegitimately. Your character level and kill/death ratio defies logic, and you constantly try to screw with other players by ruining their gaming experience.


The Badass - ​You love Rock music, the sound of a V8, and tattoos. You wear leather jackets and own a series of heavily upgraded weapons. You are the type of guy or girl from which parents warned their children to stay away. Your non-conformity to the rules has always landed you in hot water, and this is no different in the world of Grand Theft Auto Online. You make the rules - and to hell with anyone who disagrees with them.


The Eccentric - ​You wear love heart underwear with a bowtie. You have purple hair. Most of your cars have Chrome dollar wheels installed on them. The Romero Hearse is one of your favorite vehicles because it's basically a meme, especially if it's painted in weird colors. You can generally handle yourself in the bustling open GTA Online world, but you're essentially there for a laugh. You'll ride a push bike across the entire map during a heist setup because 'why not?'. You'll crack jokes over the mic which people will generally find amusing. You'll air thrust and point at other players constantly. You'll shoot flares and fireworks because you're attracted to the bright colors. You get the gist.

The White Knight - ​You freely roam the lobby doing your own thing. You see a pattern emerging in the lower left part of your screen. The same player is being killed repeatedly. You check the lobby participants. Sure enough, the poor player getting killed is a level 7 and the player killing them is a level 168 with white hair and a rebreather. You put a bounty on their head, and proceed to go after them. You kill them a bunch of times and make them rage quit, which amuses you. You add the newbie as a friend and proceed to give them a hand with earning money. You enjoy helping the underdog and feel sorry for them if they are being tortured by the idiots who whimper at the thought of going head to head with someone more skilled.


The Bling - ​You have everything - a yacht, the Luxor Deluxe, the most expensive office, all CEO/VIP/MC properties, the most expensive cars, all military vehicles, and every clothing option - just because you can. You are rich to the point that a $20,000 insurance bill is so inconsequential that you don't even blink when it's being deducted from your account. Unlike the Modder, you have achieved your financial strength through grinding or the constant purchasing of Shark Cards.


The CEO - ​You're the boss. You don't get hired, you hire others. You are drunk with power, ordering your subordinates around and dismissing them if they fail to obey simple instructions. You wear a power suit, you live in a nice apartment, and you are quite adept at navigating the Online world. Seldom are you treated with contempt, and your adversaries know that you can handle yourself should you be required to do so.


​The Socializer - ​You don't really care for griefing, or killing, or grinding. You like nice things, but you're happy with a few nice cars and a nice apartment to call home. You're at your happiest whilst in the company of others. Grinding jobs and freemode activities isn't done so much for the money - although it's certainly a plus - it's done to be able to have fun with your friends. You're the perennial social butterfly, organizing car meets and apartment tours, and generally presenting positive energy throughout the lobby.


The Lone Wolf - ​Similar to 'The CEO', you're the boss. But you don't have subordinates, as you find other players too incompetent to do anything. You like your methods, and you're stuck in your ways - the chances are that someone else has different methods of operating and that's absolutely unacceptable. You likely roam the Grand Senora Desert or Paleto Bay in your off-road vehicle, minding your own business. You are generally highly skilled in armed combat and other players must tread carefully, or they'll find themselves on the wrong end of a double barrel shotgun.


The Pro - The Grand Theft Auto Online ​world is your playground. You have played since the early days, and you continue to enjoy all the game has to offer. You have all the necessary items in the game, plus a few unnecessary things, and you're always doing a range of activities - whether it be CEO/VIP/MC sales, or regular freemode activities. You are friendly with other players, and you openly help lower ranked players because you remember how hard it was back in October, 2013. However, The Pro must not be crossed. You know every nuance of the game, every method to get ahead, every aspect of gameplay, that your adversaries are almost immediately and permanently neutralized should they attempt to screw with you. Every vital piece of weaponry is at your fingertips and you know exactly what to do in order to win. You are the King or Queen of the lobby. The Tryhard is nothing compared to you, and once they realize this, they'll whimper back to their apartment, sending you explicit messages about how they had sexual intercourse with your mother the night before. You'll reply to them with a cheeky 'lol', and they'll rage quit with their kill/death ratio impacted and their ego destroyed. You're a perpetual winner - an unassuming badass.



​Type groupings


-The Guardians (The Pro, The CEO, The Lone Wolf, The White Knight)

-The Trouble Makers (The Tryhard, The Griefer, The Modder, The Badass)

-The Game Players (The Grinder, The Larcenist, The Racer, The Military/Paramilitary Player)

-The Superficials (The Fashionista, The Customizer, The Bling, The Roleplayer)

-The Happy-Go-Luckies (The Socializer, The Newbie, The Adventurer, The Eccentric)



What type of player are you? I'm guessing most players are a combination of different player types, so it will be interesting to see how you identify yourselves.






Edited by Aggregate Demand
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Can I be all of them? :D

Edited by Gaffa™
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So much to choose from D:
But im not the any one from the list. Im more a guy of a situation. Well, yeah, i used to roleplay a lot, 60% of my play time (about 1400 hours) was me roleplaying with a friend, using imagination ect. Childish, i know.

But im also a good guy to grind with (...?), i think. Mostly because i don't do it for myself, i don't have any needs to farm money for myself, i rarely buy anything. So that means im the one who's always helping. I use it to kill time. Just drop in the game with your fella and just talk with all that farm on the background.

The comment should go on, but i think my right elbow bleeds...

Edit: Ok, im back. I'd countinue with the previous stuff, but i've lost a thought.
On the other hand, this question could be somewhat philosophical. Like these moments when someone asks you "What kind of man are you? What goals do you pursue?"

Edited by Sanches
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Spontaneous lonely crazy mo...cker. :lol: I'm noone in this game as for real.

Edited by Bloodytears1666
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Rashkovskys Shiv

Lone wolf Grinder.

Too many cooks spoil the broth as they say.

My objective is possessions and moolah, and nothing stands in my way to get it.

I can outwit and outlast my way to pay dirt.

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Tryhard, grinder, customizer, fashionista, bling, ceo and pro would all fit my character.

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I'm a mix of three, the lone wolf grinder tryhard...I'm chill just grinding until you try to attack me or get on my radar, then I make it a point to destroy you repeatedly until you rage quit the lobby. I also troll kill people that attack anybody's supplies/product....I'm very good at ending other players but I would much rather just grind in peace

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Out of the above I'm a mix of customizer/roleplayer/fashionista.

But in reality I'm more of a mix of cruiser/explorer/adventurer.


The Cruiser......well the name of the game is grand theft AUTO (not CoD.......) , this kind of player likes his cars and likes to drive them. Slow and low or fast and furious. As long it's about cars and driving them in a somewhat realistic style.


The Explorer likes to find cool places all around the map. Driving around and make stops to admire scenery, buildings and details.


The Adventurer likes things like going on a boattrip around the whole island with a bunch of friends and make stops here and there for a scubadive and things like that.

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Im night and day with how i play. Some days im a trollololol and some days im the victim to these trolls.

Im starting to find more enjoyment in the little things like crusing around or stunting in the mountains. ^^

Once I realised gtav wasnt as good of a shooter (imo), like gtaiv, I began to play much more different.

It's all about my mood, I guess? Or ill simply just swap out games.

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Customiser, grinder, lone-wolf, fashionista - in that order. That's who I was when I was still playing.

Edited by Voit Turyv
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Going purely by the descriptions given, I am none of those things.

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A mixof grinder, roleplayer and customizer, though i dont waste time and energy to buy tons of cars im not gonna use and probably dont even like.

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Gnocchi Flip Flops

Well I certainly fit your definition of The Customizer. I just spent an hour and a half in total today organizing my cars, ordering crew colors based on real life special order factory paints, and stuff of the like. I also have OCD, like genuine OCD not the fake "I like to organize so I must have it" kind. So everything has to be a certain way and I made sure it was how I wanted it. Each floor of my main CEO garage has a theme. First are modern Italian sports cars. Middle is modernist with EV and German cars. Top is collector's item stuff as well as other classic/older cars.


As far as the type of player that I am otherwise? That guy who is always in passive, "chill" and mind's his business. I don't do much in free roam lobbies other than testing cars, cruising boulevards, stopping to shop at stores and role-playing the high life. sh*t feels like TDU3 sometimes, lol. Maybe The Bling does fit me. Sometimes I purposely park my cars in public places just to see who looks and surprisingly it has caused attention. Money isn't a problem either, certainly not these days. The next drip-feed vehicles will be "small" purchases and I won't care how much it takes to mod them either.


Drama is a big no-no, which is hilarious considering all I ever did in IV MP was cause it. I'm also mainly alone and only do stuff with like one friend sometimes, lol. Lastly, I cannot stand grinding. It's time consuming and boring. I like to classify myself as GTA-Retired and do not want to have to grind much again.

Edited by Scaglietti
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Probably a mix of the Grinder, CEO and Pro. I do care for combat, just not PvP but I can easily defend myself if the situation calls for it.

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The Sullinator

Mix of The CEO, Paramilitary, the roleplayer, the grinder, and the lone wolf.


I joined a role-playing MC crew in 2013-2014. Then I founded my own MC after that folded and built it up pretty strong between 2014-2015. I got tired of how serious people took MC role playing then though, even my own crew, so I left and let them run it into the ground before they left too.


Now I'm mostly a lone wolf. I role play but I do it by myself. My crew LION Defense (Logistics, Interventions, Overt operations, and Network security) is a paramilitary private security kind of crew that does out sourced work for the government and other operations. I pretend like I run that highly successful organization. It was a good fit during the Doomsday Heists too, and I've made that facility the HQ. But I'm all by myself when it comes to that.

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Weather silently doing my bit, or talking/texting and sharing knowledge, I like to help out and get things done for those keen. Plus, I get paid well, consistently too. Anyway, I can relate to most all of this at some point or another really, lol...



The Tryhard - See 'The Griefer'.


The Griefer - This part of GTA:O is lost on me, but with that said, if someone in-game looks to cause me drama, I can do my best to fight it. If they cheat, I'm out, and to me K/D means sod all, except for the end results in DM's and such. (I look at the end to see how well/poor I did, but still really don't care. As for .Tryhard', well, not maybe in the sense meant here. But I do aim to win what I enter, and will do my best, you know?. But to look to cause trouble. Not for me. (Here, I can get a bit spicy, but usually in reaction to things, though I accept I was hasty in my early days here too).


The Grinder - Not grind, as I am one to just mix things up, by default, things get done, I get paid (again, helping others just pays). I can grind certain 2x events, 3 times last year, $30m each time too (contact missions, and MC contracts twice), made me immune with all the years DLC and more, still very comfortable out there too, lol. Just, too much of the same thing bores me, so I split things up and just ping about all over doing whatever takes my fancy, lol. Sometimes 2x events, like heists/contact missions/MC contracts, just play into my natural game, other times - Adv. Modes, not so much... Swings and roundabouts.


The Customizer - Yeah, guilty as charged, lol. I've recently passed $210m spent just on vehicles and maintenance. Say it all really, lol. Love my cars.(If we had unlimited garages space, this number would easily double, triple even, lol).


The Noob or Newbie - Very easy to say 'obviously not' being rank 746, lol. But, there's much in this game, and my PvP skills are poor (I feel), so for sure, there's aspects to GTA:O where, even now, I'm just far too green to consider myself anything other than a noob out there at times, lol. Weaponised vehicles, and flying/air combat aren't my strength, one day I'll put some effort into more there, but feel like I'll get a good spanking before I get good, lol.


The Roleplayer - Now and then, when I'm doing certain things or just goofing about, I can do. As a biker, I ride bikes, as a CEO, I'm flashier and use supercars and helicopters too. More below...


The military/paramilitary player - Not so much to be a unit with others, but like roleplaying... When I'm on jobs that call for me to play this way, I can for sure. Weaponised toys aren't my thing, as I said, but I do like stealth and being quieter about things too. Similar, I thought, lol. I like to buy into themes.


​The Fashionista - Yes... But I still look like a hippie slob/street hood/racer type really. I love to mix up the clothes and often, like my cars, keep changing my mind and try things out. Sometimes looking 'normal' other times, as flamboyant as possible, lol. Fun times, expensive!.


​The Modder - Nope!. Moving on...


The Bling - Wasn't the plan... But without doubt man, lol. I bought it all along the way (mostly, still much I want mind), I'm pleased as punch too, and I can afford the insurances no biggie too, but I don't look to attack or blow things up. I'm much more passive, though can bite, as one would imagine, lol.​


The CEO - Yeah, I can 'take charge' when needed. Joining random heists soon see's a player toughen up (and accept they often fail for petty reasons), but I love it. Often it's kids, and sometimes I have to get a bit more direct on the mic/texts. But I like to offer the chance for people to learn/do their bit and see how it all goes. As I said, I help, so a helpful text is often all the job needed, I'm always patient (more so now I'm not reliant on money for my toys), so I can afford to jump out asap if it does go tits up, lol. If 'that' job goes to sh*t, there's millions of others, or I'll do a bit of I/E to grab some cash to keep topped up. Though, after a few friendlies blowing my sales up even, I let no one help on my businesses, I keep those to 'lone wolf limits'.


​The Socializer - Without doubt. GTA:O is my first online game like this, to me it's new and exciting way to play. Just like here, I love to chat about the game, but many of my IRL friends/family have zero interest, and many just don't know the game/franchise, you know?. To be with others that love this like me, awesome!. It can get me in trouble with the Mrs. now and then when things get a lil' louder/later too, but she's ace at allowing me more than enough time to act like a kid in GTA still, lol.


The Lone Wolf - ​Yep!. When there's nothing going on, or others are busy. I'm happy to plod alone, or just spam 'on call' and see where it goes. I met my original CMM team on PS3 via 'on call' and finding/adding the better players. And to this day, running a Fleeca and adding a noob up to do an hour or 2 of VIP work between a few more Fleeca's. Too easy, lol.


The Pro - ​Yeah, at times I can see this being me. But my PvP is not good enough to be considered a full all rounder though. I'm good at what I do, you know?. But I do like to meet players and learn new things all the time too, so feel more I'm a 'helpful hand' rather than a pro really. I can compete in things, but I'm 50/50 on most really... There's always someone better/luckier out there really... I'm good with just having fun and being me, helpful, social, reliable, friendly (despite my rep here, lol), flexible, and all about just trying to have fun.


I feel I did well at adapting from being a story mode only gamer, to one that's found so much more from this online GTA. Can't wait to see what RDR2, and GTA's future's hold after this!.

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A mix of the Lone Wolf and Tryhard.


I don't care about my K/D.

I sometimes EWO to prevent a tryhard from getting a cheap kill.

I don't like any aircraft with the explosive cannon.

I use the marksman rifle.

I don't use BST.

I will often go Ghost or OTR and kamikaze an enemy.

I use rockets to kill sometimes.

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I am the one.



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Iam a player from the beginning but only heard just a few weeks ago from 'the Tryhard'

It is really one of the saddest players I have ever heard about, period.

The guy look and aim/shoot like a clown.

In real shooters with pro people they were the noobs, could not handle it or the scarf did not match the shoes, chose the easiest way and went killing people in GTA. So easy.


So now for me,

i think i'am the Customizer, drive my cars and bikes to find nice places and use Creator and PS to make photos.

To purchase all this i'am the Grinder but never kill people (with a few exceptions ofcourse)

With the Cargobob and Akula i make easy millions.

Always play solo and my best friends are my Assistant and the mobile phone.


Oh and i love to go in passive mode.

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I used to be a Bounty Hunter back in the day.

Over the years, I've become a Lone Wolf/Grinder, and on my days off, I'm playing with my toys, so I'm a Customizer/Adventurer/Fashionista.

Edited by BigBrother67
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The Grinder, Customizer, Fashionista, Lone Wolf, and Pro for sure.


I love Rock music and tattoos, but barely feel like a badass.

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I am the one who knocks




I do what I want when I want when the servers are working*

Edited by CrysisAverted
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Definitely mostly customizer/adventurer


I like doin stupid stuff (wing suit, drift, stunt plane and bike etc)


Sometimes I like to grief those who pollute the air with their loud nonsense. It's fun to hear a$$hats rage once in while but mostly I am friendly till provoked


Although sometimes xmas noobs pick up hookers, loudly so what u gonna do??

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Killer Whale

Customizer, Lone Wolf, Fashionista and Grinder, all at the same time. I don't have time to deal with kiddies playing with their Tonka toys blasting others to hell. I make money, mostly by myself, to build up my garages and hangar. Import/Export and Coke are my bread and butter, with Gunrunning being a nice side income. I also like to stay up to date on the latest fashion statements on San Andreas, and try my best to make some good outfits with what I have, mostly to show it off through Snapmatic.

Edited by Killer Whale
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I grind and grief, though I have the decency to leave people doing their business stuff alone even when Im terrorizing others. Oh, and I don't use passive mode...



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To shamelessly rip Keith Moon off, I'd say I'm the best type of Jimbatron GTA player.

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