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no longer able to toggle joypad on in the settings


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Originally my steam controller was working perfectly with the game using Ginput (downgraded to 1.0). But later on was experiencing game freezes while entering buildings during a playthrough. Googled some fixes where one wanted me to delete the gta_sa.set in the documents folder. Tried that and lost most of my functionality on the controller (A button could open cars but the other buttons [x, y and b] did nothing). So decided on a clean install and removed any lingering folders before I reinstalled.


Controller issue still persists and now I no longer have an option to toggle joypad or mouse + keyboard in the settings.

Edited by diogenes085
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That's intended - GInput removes this option from menus.

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I went ahead and gave up on trying to get the Steam controller to work. Just went ahead and bought a PS4 controller to try with it. Managed to get GTA 3 and vice city to work with it, but not having any success with San Andreas.

Edited by diogenes085
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There is a market for making Console Controllers work with the PC using Third Party Software.

However the GTA San Andreas was designed to use a PC Game Pad, the one I use is made by Logitech, I have also used Seitec, both without the need of any special drivers (even their own).


The problem with Console Controllers is the trigger do not send the proper signals, so they require a "translator" (Driver) to convert the signal to one that the PC understands.

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Got the PS4 controller working with the game now. Only have a couple weird issues of having the L1 & L2 buttons flipped (same for R1 & R2), also steam button tooltips for the popup button hints. But other than that its still very much playable.


Not sure what entirely I did to fix it though. Tried to just downgrade it to the 3.0 version with a basic setup (loader + silent patch) but the gta-sa.exe error just popped up during that method (no 2nd .exe in the folder btw). After that just kept trying with the 1.0 downgrader. And after that it was just repeated reinstalls, deletion of the .set file in a couple trial-and-error runs.

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