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Most Memorable Insults/Tangents/Events in the Golden Age of Headset Bullsh*t

Cosmic Gypsy

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Cosmic Gypsy

So, what was your go to/most memorable tangent, event or insult you used to make people endure (or endure) when playing certain games *cough* Call of Duty *cough cough* renowned for headset bullsh*t?

I would expose people to my random ramblings when playing COD or GTA on the PS3 fairly often, one of the random questions i remember asking people: "What is the circumference of your face?" and if they didn't know i would spend the next 30 minutes trying to persuade them to measure it/explain to them how to measure it.

There was a period of time, I'd say about 4 months, where almost daily I'd open a conversation with someone on the headset, asking what galaxy they're from, most worryingly would say Earth. I used to drag this conversation topic on until i delved insanely deep into time, space and life in general. And as i crafted and developed my input/responses on the same topic speaking to many different people online for like 4 whole months, i was prepared to blow minds with pure ridiculous.

I was exposed to a lot of Nationality Wars also, it was mainly US vs UK and if an OZ happened to show himself he would usually take sides with UK or go against every one. Canadians never really got involved, i remember a lot of Europeans joining in too representing their respective countries, which was always fun.

I confess the harshest thing i ever did was tell an annoying headset whiney kid that Santa wasn't real, i told him to ask his mum who i could hear in the background near by. He did ask his mum.

So what are you experiences? I personally found chatting sh*t on Call Of Duty funner than the actual game itself, i moved onto Battlefield Bad Company 2 though, on Battlefield every ones silent, hardly any headset activity at all. I no longer take part in headset bullsh*t on GTA (although i used to enjoy texting people/trying to ring them using the in game phone on GTA 4) and as PS4 has a decent party chat system, speaking to any random stranger now days is a rarity.

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I'm not a person that trolls others in voice chat (or even talks much), but I remember a few minutes before a GTA IV event, we were in a lobby and people were talking via Teamspeak while waiting for people to join. I became bored of listening people talk about Pokémon, so I decided to play The Final Countdown in my mic. Some people were kinda angry because they were either trying to have a conversation or record, while others were also bored and wanted me to keep playing, and by the second chorus I made a huge discussion about The Final Countdown, complete with people rage-quitting and everything.

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Playing EASHL in NHL17 and two of my teammates had this exchange:


Teal: "Yo Yellow, do you know how to hug the boards?"


Yellow: "No, but I know how to hug your #$%^ in my mouth"


I couldn't stop laughing. Yellow was saying crap like that all game but this was pure gold.

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