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Character 1 is corrupted... no way to pass this?


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Character is corrupted.

Option to delete not working... figures, nothing here seems to be working.

Make new character, this results in previous error, with previous equally not working solution... figures.


Is there SOME way to get past this, fast?


As knowing Rockstar, it will take forever to get an answer, not to mention a frikken fix.



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The servers still seem to be a bit all over the place, we're having lots of time outs and saving errors here so it's possible something's messed up... again.

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Yesterday, January 2, i could not at first play with my number 1 character which was the one i last played. The mesage was that number 1 is unavailable and to return to single player. A second attempt auto loaded me to character number 2. My 3rd attempt loaded my number 1 but i kept getting the fail to save message. After about 2 hours that message only occured 2 or 3 time during a my next 6 hours of play. Every thing i did like missions and import export worked properly.


I am going to pass on gtao until any issues are fixed, and anyways i have a couple of new games to keep me entertained.

Edited by jazzbone
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Things 'll be fine in a few days probably.. R* servers can't handle all new players trying there christmas gift, and returning players playing the new heists.

If I remember correctly, servers were crappy last year around this time as well.

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Today, I had the 'couldn't load online profile from Rockstar servers, please try again later' or something like that once. Then I got into Online, but repeatedly got the 'failed saving' message.


Figured it's better to try another game for the coming days ;-)

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Does R* reads this?

I mean, I have no clue?

This is a fan site, so no. Contact their support.

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