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Satan's Henchmen MC [PS4 & XB1]


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Satan's Henchmen MC

We Are A MC Based In Grand Theft Auto Online. We Opened Our First Charter In Harmony On July 22nd 2016 On PS4. Our Grapeseed Charter Opened Up On June 19th 2017 On Xbox One.

We Are A Strict 1% Free Aim Club.

17+ Mature (Male & Female)

You Must Prospect And Earn Your Patch, This Isnt A Easy Club To Join.

Mobile App 'Line' Required.

You Must Apply Via Application at Our Website Below.


-Instagram- @SHMC_198

-Twitter- @SHMC_198

-Our Social Club Links-

-Harmony- (PS4)


-Grapeseed- (XB1)


-Fallen Angels- (All Female Charter PS4/XB1)


-Prospect- (Must Join Here First)


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  • 2 weeks later...

We Have Had A Great Response Rate From Here, Thanks To Everyone Who Has Viewed Our Post And Has Applied. We Are Still Active And Looking For New Hang Arounds, Recruitment Closes At Times For Us As We Can Only Accept So Many Applicants At Once. If You Have Applied With No Response Within 24 Hours You Have Been Denied.


Also, Others Have Mentioned About The Website, Once You Apply If You Go More In Depth About Type Of Gamer You Are, If You Have MC Experience, These Things Will Greater Your Chances Of Becoming A Hang Around For Satan's Henchmen MC.

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We Are Still Going Strong Within The MC Community.

If You Wanna Test Your Luck Apply At Our Website Above.


Need To Speak With A Patch Holder Of Satan's Henchmen MC?

DM us @SHMC_198

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We Are No Longer Accepting Xbox One Applications At This Time.

We Are Still Growing, Remaining Fully Active On PlayStation 4.

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