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How do you "lose" the enemies in missions when you have the choice to run or kill them? (red dots on minimap)


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In "daddys little girl" on the jetskis, and especially in "fresh meat" it seems nearly impossible to "lose" the enemies as the briefing instructs you to do. I always have to resort to just killing them all, and I cant find any videos online of anyone escaping non-lethally. And then there's the merryweather chopper in "the wrap up". I bolted down the road and hid in the underground railroad for probably at least 15 real-life minutes but the red dot never disappeared, even though the chopper didn't know where I was, as when I finally came out I had to go to where it was to shoot it down.


the pursuing enemies in these scenarios dont seem to function the same way as the police do. In fresh meat I would drive at full speed and take every turn I could to throw them off but they always seem to know where I am and keep pursuing until one of our cars explodes. How do you lose enemies in these situations besides killing them? Is it actually possible to lose that merryweather chopper?



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About the chopper yes it is possible. Just get into the city, they wont attack on a big crowded area.

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It's scripted sometimes. In the jet ski mission with Tracey you can only lose them once you exit the tunnel thing and enter the ocean. Basically the game just slows the AI down so you can get away.


In Fresh Meat they are impossible to lose in a normal car chase, they will always catch up. You either have to kill them or sabotage the other car before you escape.


In The Wrap Up I lose the chopper before I even get back onto the main roads, it's too easy. That's on PS4, on PS3 it chased me all over LS.

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