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Vehicle Appreciation Topics- Rules and Guidelines

Recommended Posts






We all get excited when a new vehicle is leaked, announced, or released. Unfortunately this leads to premature

creation of Appreciation topics that are often made without thought or effort. In an effort to increase

the amount of high quality topics in this section, some ground rules are being set for appreciation/discussion

topics. Don't worry, they won't be too strict, just enough that people searching for information on a new vehicle can find it.



These are the rules and guidelines for all future vehicle appreciation and/or discussion topics:



1. The original post must include an up to date photo of the vehicle.


It is understood that when a vehicle is leaked, at first the only photo is a partial model from the files. It is perfectly

fine to post that photo. Once the vehicle is in game however, you must add a current in game photo of the vehicle

to the OP. In addition to the photo, you may include one video showcasing the vehicle.



2. The title must include the in game name of the vehicle.

If the in game name of the vehicle is not known yet, just wait to post the topic. Usually the names are leaked at the

same time the models are leaked though, so this should not be an issue.



3. Must include a basic description of the vehicle.


Not everyone is a gearhead. It is fine if you don't know the specifics of a given vehicle. Some attempt must be

made however to make a description of the new vehicle. Example- "This new car called the Hermes looks like it may be

a vintage car from the 1960's. It made an appearance in GTA Vice City."



4. Must include the price of the vehicle.*

It is understood that prices may not be known initially. *It is fine to make the topic prior to knowing the price of the vehicle.

As soon as possible, or when the vehicle is released, the price of the vehicle must be put into the OP.



5. Must include the release status of the vehicle.


Very easy one, just state somewhere in the topic if the vehicle is unreleased or released.



And that is it. Be as creative or as minimalist as you like, but the topic needs to include those five things.

Topics that have already been created do not need to be altered to fit this set of requirements, although

it is encouraged to do so. Any questions can be PM'd to me.

Examples of good appreciation topics- 1, 2, 3

Edited by Mach1bud
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