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Do you believe R* will remove songs once the 10th year anniversary comes?

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Posted (edited)


So I need a recommendation and this post is mostly speculation I know, but it is based on past experiences. Rockstar has removed songs due to license expiration from all the past GTA's and other games (Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City Stories, The Warriors) and in some cases the whole game (Vice City Stories is nowhere to be seen on PSN for the past few months, might be re-uploaded soon I guess). I heard they license the songs for 10 years so this happens once the release date of the game passes that time frame as it is apparently illegal for companies to sell it with expires licences. I assume once April 29th comes, the game will be removed and then re-uploaded to digital platforms with some songs removed (which also could happen on a theoretical remaster) . I still have my physical game disc on Xbox 360. The thing is I never got in PC since I haven't had a decent rig in years, I mostly game on console.

I finally got a new PC that can run this game, lol. Will it be recommendable to get the physical PC versions of both GTA IV and ELFC? I'm afraid the Steam Versions will have the same issues San Andreas did.

Edited by EpsilonProgram

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Femme Fatale

It's highly likely, and that sucks.

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Most likely, however, no problem on getting it on Steam, there are ways to revert the game's version using Rockstar's own installer for previous versions.

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You know IV had a bit more off the beaten path approach to its soundtrack so maybe it won't get license raped on its mobile edition.

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