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GTA online, next DLC wishlist

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so with the doomsday hiest and gunrunning we got allot of things we hoped for, let me know What Your observations and speculations about What should come next!


1)I personally liked the treasure hunt for the gold revolver, maybe for gta 4 anniversary they will bring back the glock

2) i was thinking What could be next for mk2 weapons

Combat pdw - could look like the ppsh if they change a couple details

Heavy pistol - take red dot off and turn it into a m1911

Pistol .50 - mąkę it more like the desert eagle

Add a hunting shotgun and rifle to ammunation

6)maybe hunting missions so we can start seeing more wildlife and maybe a zoo

4) better houses, like the mansions we have Been waiting for

-maybe at pęts with that like Chop that you can have ride with u

5) better armor options at the ammunation

6) more accessories, more gold chains with Different emblems, glasses and sneaker options

7) more channels on the tv in the properties you own


Thats Just the start but Let me know What you guys think👍 And let me know What you think should be up next!

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sounds great..


San Fierro and Las Venturas Map Extension..


Liberty City Extension


New Game ( Vice City Extension )




New Sessions ( One type Dedicated for Roleplaying = No Weaponized Vehicles = No Map = A Realistic Feel )


Cooldown on EWO and Pussymode if player have killed or fired shots

A Vehicle Storage garage like I/E. Just with Personal Cars


Pegasus Cars Customization . Same with Boats.

Save a Helicopter / Boat/Plane to Office / Yarth.


Animals Online.


4 Player Director Mode


Roughe Officer DLC. Become a cop in LS. requirements are normal mental state.. or maybe it should be the other way around ;)

SM Yarth, Hangar, Submarine in freemode along with a new Oildrill Platform in the ocean.

New Spots for the Yarth so you can Dock it in the harbour and be way out in the ocean. ( Maybe a sail around option. so it just sailes around the map.

Mark II Sniper with Explosive Bullets. should work as it did when it came out.


No Cooldown on Pegasus Vehicles

No Cooldown twitching beetween Person Vehicle, Special Vehicle and Personal Aircrafts. also vehicle and aircraft out at same time.

Nightclubs... Comedyclubs.. Hotellobbies... more interior..


Realistic Priceing.. Clothes.. like 50-200$ Yarth 20.000.000 / 100.000.000 $ plane 50.000.000$


Mission creator


Hire players to a certain role.. playing as CEO or something new.. like hiring a chauffeur.. and he's ability should be he could enter carages and drive out cars... same for a pilot.. a bodyguard and so on...


Different Items at different stores.. just like SM...

More Houses Appartments and Manisons..


WARNING: SAVAGE: EVO should award kill the the last person the player killed.

Edited by pietsaabye

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This section is for discussion of the next entry in the series, if you want to wishlist on GTAO DLC please use the pinned wishlist threads in the online section.



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