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GTA V Roleplay Community (PS4 2018)


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Grand Theft Hooker

Out Of Character (OOC)

Name: Sascha
Role Play experience: GTA5 on PS4, GTA IV on PS3, different events irl, watching videos of BAB, Jeff, Polecat, etc.

Discord: AEK_MoRT #5584

In Character (IC)

Name: Alex Mort
Age: 22
Job/Career/Money Source: Criminal, Street Racer and Drug Trafficing for Dealers
Bio (description of your characters past, present, and future goals): I lived in LC and came to LS for a restart, after a poorly going bank heist in LC. I tried setteling down, trying to live a normal live, when i decided not to, because it was impossible for me, seeing myself working in a 9/5 job. I stole a few cars in the beginning and sooner or later started robbing stores. With the stolen, but not retracable vehicles i started racing legal and illegaly. I live in Paleto Bay in an small appartement. When trying to stay in Los Santos, i stay at a collegues place. I plan to get rich and live the American Dream. Obsessed wirh Cars and Weapons. (Permit to Carry a Pistol)
Personality (Angry, depressed, obsessive, etc): Mostly Calm, not very cooperative when it comes to Cops, unregretful.
Vehicle: STOLEN Benefactor Schlagen GT(untracable), STOLEN Elegy RH8 and a rebuilt Bravado Gauntlet Classic.

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Out Of Character (OOC)

Name: Patrick
Age: 16
PSN: DarthBananana
Role Play experience: Chats in Discord and Gmod Servers

Discord: DarthBananana#0884

In Character (IC)

Name: James 'Viking' Hale
Age: 31
Job/Career/Money Source: Outlaw Motorcycle Club President
Bio (description of your characters past, present, and future goals): James was orphaned at the age of six, after police came to his door to arrest his father for child abuse. His father tried to make his father go quietly... ...he shot her and police shot him. He is an ex military (honorable discharge) president of the Broken Soldiers Motorcycle Club, he makes his money selling drugs and guns, while using his friends in the military to get access to a hanger space for him and his club. He plans to keep his charter alive, and Chaos out of Paleto Bay.
Personality (Angry, depressed, obsessive, etc): Rational until his club's lines are crossed, willing to work with police to keep in business
Vehicle: Western Daemon, Declasse Sabre Turbo
Photograph (If available):
Broken Soldiers Prez 'n bike

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Forgot the backstory, wanted different nickname
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Out Of Character (OOC)

Name: dale
Age: 23
Role Play experience: never played but i have wanted to for some time but as i dont have a pc i wasnt able to.

Discord: Superbeast#3105

In Character (IC)

Name: tommy beast
Age: 28
Job/Career/Money Source: police officer / drug dealer
Bio (description of your characters past, present, and future goals): 


Past: grew up in a broken home, no dad, 1 brother, 1 sister, sold drugs at high school to make some money to provide for my mum and siblings, mum couldnt work due to post traumatic stress disorder from serving in fort zancudo as a scientist studying the alien spacecraft that is stored there. I left school with a decent education and applied for los santos police academy. I graduated from the police acadamy and was assigned to los santos police department as a patrol officer.


Present: i still work at los santos police department i have been promoted to sergant, i like to travel with a partner but i dont mind solo shifts, my mum was murdered 3years ago and i believe it was the government maybe the Agency of central intelegance due to my mum leaking classified information? Im not too sure but as a sergant within los santos police department in my spare time i aim to try and find out the truth. Brother and sister moved out of the city and i dont have much contact with them. I still sell drugs from time to time to help keep my luxurious amenities that have been accumulated over the years.


Future plans: clean up the city of los santos, work closely with my collegues to rid the city of crime and maybe one day hit the big league of the FIB
Personality: semi obsessive, friendly, inteligent


Vehicle(s) marked police cruiser, marked police armoured van, cheval taipan, duke o'death, enfurnus classic. Frogger helicopter

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We are still accepting and seeking new applicants for the following departments that includes: law enforcement, civilians and fire department. We are looking for individuals who are both experienced and mature. We are open-minded to suggestions, opinions and ideas. Feel free to submit an application at: https://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/5lZri0v9fU47f5p8RV


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        Grand Theft Hooker


Out Of Character (OOC)


Name: Charles 
Age: 21
PSN: xXFallenDemonzXx
Role Play experience: Rping with friends and watching videos you could say

Discord: xXFallenDemonzXx#3546

In Character (IC)

Name: Robert Pickton
Age: 33 
Job/Career/Money Source: Criminal/Ex-con, Drug and Human Trafficker, Potential Pub owner

Bio (description of your characters past, present, and future goals) 

  • Past: Robert Pickton at the age of 13 lost both his parents to a cop when they got his by stray bullets at a police shoot out, later that year due to the loss of both parents Robert started selling drugs and later started selling the people he called friends to the highest bidder; 4 years later got into trouble with the lost mc, knowing his past and how he was told to be rootless, they gave him an option to join them or die running away. Robert chose to try his luck and say he’ll join, his initiation was to go and blow up a convince store inside a mall where the chief of police was known to buy smokes; after the bomb Robert goes back and kidnaps all the injured men and woman and takes them to the desert, he then makes them run one by one as he chased them with a hunting knife, when he caught them he then proceeded to cut off their limbs to bag up. This is where he got the nickname “The Butcher". He got caught robbing a bank the next year but when the police got there the money was already gone, Robert Pickton was A serial killer who killed 1 Chief of Police and 49 men and women, then disposed of their bodies by feeding them to pigs. He was convicted of only 6 murders but charged for his proven 49 victims. Spent the next 15 years in jail until he was released on “good behaviour”, The money stolen was never found by police.
  • Present: Currently living out in the desert on the down low, still running drugs and kidnapping civilians for ransom, After 15+ years of being with the crew became a President for The Lost Mc, trying to do one last big job before his end.


  • Future: Robert wants to open a nice bar off in the desert somewhere away from cops where he can do his illegal business in secret, recruiting members to The bike club will be a lot easier when he has his own pub. 

Personality:  Angry, Thrill-seeker, Cautious, Resilient 
Vehicle: Elegy Retro, Slamvan, Ruiner, Rancher XL, Zombie chopper, Daemon, 
Photograph: https://prod.hosted.cloud.rockstargames.com/ugc/gta5photo/Cvm04z2PwE-jerc1zM_4pA_0_0.jpg





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Out of character

name: Tom

Age: 16

PSN: Toptom2003

Experience: none, some YouTube i watched nut never got a good chance to do rp

In character

Name: Willem boublé

Age: 18

Job: investor, earned a lot of money with bicoin investing. Recently bought a car company, focussen in repairing and upgrading card. Work together with my Friend DeRastaMannnn04

Cars: sultan rs,  futo, baller, caracara, manches and expanding(with the business of i are something interesting)

Discord: Toptom2003 #9294



Edited by Tom boublé
Forgot my bike
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Out Of Character (OOC)

Role Play experience:gta5,bay area bugs,polecat,bxrich 


In Character (IC)

Name:john Russell 
Job/Career/Money Source:drug dealer/streetracer
Bio (description of your characters past, present, and future goals): was adopted by a gang affiliated family member and watched and learned the ways of the streets. Plans on being one of the biggest drug dealers of the decade also has been in and out of juvy/jail for little possession charges 
Personality (Angry, depressed, obsessive, etc):trustworthy,aggressive,in patient 
Vehicle:white warrener/black coquette 

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Out Of Character (OOC)

Role Play experience:have played on a few different servers 


In Character (IC)

Name:Lucifer morningstar 
Job/Career/Money Source:gang 
Bio (description of your characters past, present, and future goals):
Personality (Angry, depressed, obsessive, etc):mobster devil 
Vehicle:mc motorbike or hot rod 

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Out Of Character (OOC)

Role Play experience:First Timing watch a lot on twitch


In Character (IC)

Job/Career/Money Source:Criminal/Civilian and Business Owner 
Bio (description of your characters past, present, and future goals):From Chamberlains with no rolemodel so I look up to the streets smart kid with big dreams to make it into luxury but gotta grind one way or another 
Personality (Angry, depressed, obsessive, etc):Chilled But don’t test me
Vehicle: Custom Donk
Photograph (If available):

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LARP IS RECRUITING MEMBERS & WE HAVE EVERYDAY SESSION,Civ(Any Job),Leo,Dispatch,Fire&EMS 2020 Cad,ACTIVE Members Great Staff & More We are 650+ members, DM Me To Join. Interview right when u join!🔥 We Treat Everybody Like Family And We Care About our community!!


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anyone that want to join a rp server you have to go through the application server training and then main server we need members and are looking for staff https://discord.gg/xRJtPY

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Name: Cody

Age: 14

PSN: kruse65contrl

Roleplay experience: I watch a lot of roleplay on YouTube, mainly Polecat324 and Bay Area Buggs. I occasionally do basic RP with a few of my friends.

Discord: kruse65contrl#2855




Name: Frien Fridel

Age: 33

Job/Career/Money Source: Criminal

Bio: Past- Grew up with a pretty normal life, but when he went to college, he was not able to pay for the expenses. So he went and robbed stores for money which he eventually started enjoying as an easy way of money. Present- He now lives in his own garage with a small safe in the corner which holds all the money he gets from robbing banks, gas stations, stores, people, etc. Future- He hopes to one day buy an electric car with all the saved up money from robbing things and become a "rich man".

Personality: Angry when things don't work out correctly, smart in logic, confident.

Vehicle: Rusty Karin Rebel, Maibatsu Sanchez 2

Photo: Unable to provide.

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Out of Character - ooc 

Name - Austin

Age - 16

PSN - aust3in88 

RP - roaming, having fun, enjoying it like what you see on YouTube


In Character - IC

Name - Bob Bartlow

Age - 22

Job/career/money source - street racer/criminal

Past - grew up in a bad part of town, drugs, hookers, gangs, at 10 years old started shop lifting, started using drugs at the age of 12, killed his first gang member at 13, virginity lost to a joker at 13, 16 years old he started living on the streets or with friends


Present - 22 years old, live in Los Santos, steals cars to sell, street races stolen cars, drug deals


Future goals - have money for him and his friends


Personality - cold blooded, Agressive, chill with his friends


Vehichle - whatever he’s stolen

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On 1/2/2018 at 12:51 AM, crispyburrito said:

Out Of Character (OOC)

Name: josmar 
Role Play experience: none on gta  

Discord: josmar2005

In Character (IC)

Name: peter 
Age: 29
Job/Career/Money Source: drug dealer/gun runner
Bio (description of your characters past, present, and future goals): i was born in a small town my father was one of the bosses of gangs we had 

after i aged 18 i decided to continue our empire that we had. after few years i was caught and i was forced to leave our country so i decided to come here.

my goals are to continue the empire and to get everything that i wish.
Personality (Angry, depressed, obsessive, etc): calm/aggressive
Vehicle: motorcycle
Photograph (If available):


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