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Los Santos Bloodline (LSBL) now looking for prospects (PS4)

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Posted (edited)

Bloodline MC

(Giovanni Bloodline)


Rockstar social club crew page - https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/giovanni_bloodline


We are looking for prospects to help expand a growing empire of players that are ready to make money and put their life on the line for their brothers! We are a heist/glitch MC crew that will do whatever it takes to make sure our brothers are well paid and taken care of. We specialize in glitches that help make our crew money fast and easy, so If you're ready to get rich and have a crew of killers at your disposal, apply today!


The rules are simple,


- Crew members can not kill other crew members of LSBL or affiliated crews


-If crew members are having problems with fellow members and they both are in agreement, a one on deathmatch can be hosted to settle their differences. After the deathmatch is over, no matter the outcome, the first rule will take effect and killing will not be allowed unless both players are in agreement to continue.


Crew members must represent the crew in some way, whether its a tattoo on the arm or a crew outfit/car.


-Crew members must have at least one crew outfit.


-Crew members are not allowed to crew hop or switch crews after becoming a patched member.


Prospects will undergo heist/freemode training and depending on how well you are able to manage will determine If you will receive an invitation to the crew. The crew leader/commissioners are ultimately who decide if someone is able or unable to join the crew. Once a prospect is chosen to be patched in by our members, we host a beat-in. Members of the crew, usually five or more gather with the prospect in an invite only session where we bring out our favorite cars and form a circle on the beach for the fighting area. The prospect enters the circle and is encouraged to defend themselves and get kills on the crew members while being attacked from all sides, fists only. Once the beat-in is over, we ride with the newly recruited member to the nearest clothing store where they get a biker cut with the bloodline patch on the back.



Money is usually earned from methods we have found/perfected for completing the heists which is what we are known for, but also other glitches/exploits found and shared by our other crew members.


Members are expected to help the crew and our members make money by participating in heists, performing glitches and providing support for missions or sales. When you are having problems with randoms all you need to do is call in the crew and they will wish they never messed with Bloodline when we come in full force and clear out the lobby.


Are you ready to be Bloodline rich?

Edited by Chuck_mcnugget

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New video:


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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.


Please limit your bumps to one per week, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.



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