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What GTA Online players want the most!


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This post is meant for Rockstar to see as we know for a fact they DO listen to us


PERSONAL AIRCRAFT CARRIER:We have all wanted to own an aircraft carrier since the heist update. This is what we want with it.

1.Price; The base price of a carrier would be 10mil(read whole post for reasoning)

We would also be able to put many upgrades which I will list,and once fully upgraded the price would be around 13mil.

2.Upgrade,Security; for around 500k, we would get private mercenaries that have both mk2 LMGs, and Homing launchers, so enemy players can't greif your carrier,They will be on deck ready to attack, they will also walk around the ship and interact with the owner and his associates.

3.Upgrade,Aircraft workshop;For around 500k,You can land any aircraft small enough, so like a hydra, savage, Hunter, lazer, etc on the elevators on deck. Which will lower the aircraft into the workshop serving the same purpose as Charlie in the hangar.

4.Upgrade,Boat workshop; for around 500k, you can dock a personal watercraft into the back of the carrier(yes it's big enough I've docked a tug boat there before) and be able to customize, weaponnize, and upgrade your boats.

5.Upgrade,AA cannons; so the carrier will come stock with the same AA cannons as the yatch, when turned on players cannot use weapons but enemy aircraft will pretty much instantly die. But for around 500k more, you can add manable AA turrets which players can man(The props for those turrets are already on the carrier model btw) Whithout having to turn off players weapons like you do on the yatch.

6.Upgrade, colors, interior etc; you can customize your carrier to you liking(no flamboyant colors that don't make since) just things like living quarter style,Lounge area(military style), and blacks or greys for the exterior.mabey with all quarter and color upgrades they would amount to around 300k.

7.Base purchase; The carrier will come stock with a hangar inside that can fit small to medium sized jets and choppers.It will also come stock with an orbital cannon room, as it is MUCH more expensive than the facility it only makes sense.You will also be able to dock submarines next to the carrier(The big submarine would be buyable in this dlc aswell. The yatch could also come with a heist room for a new heist?Only if the Hinted Bogdan heist is a thing, if not, there's no need for a heist room.

8.Yatch discount; If you own a yatch, you will lose your yatch and get a discount of around 4million dollars.this is fair enough as it is safe to say at least half of all GTA online players spent 8-10mil on yatchs, and with a fully upgraded price of around 13mil for the carrier, a 4 mil discount will still cost the player lots of money to buy a carrier.


AN ACTUAL AC130 TYPE PLANE:I think it's safe to say that if you (like me) spent 5.6mil on a bombushka, you were sorely disappointed! So we need a really slow, yet REALLY TANKY bomber plane.

1.EHP, Or Armor; It would take 20 homing rockets to disable, and 25 to blow up, it would only take 10 RPGs to blow up as it's meant to fly at the top of the map, and any artard dumb enough to fly it low enough to get hit by an RPG should be punished for it.Its extreme durability is balanced by it's REALLY slow speed.

2.Weaponry;it would have the same explosive ammo as the avenger, but with unlimited range and REALLY far zoom, being able to see and hit targets from the top of the skybox to the streets of LS, the cameras would be black and white, with players and NPCs glowing white. It would have two of those turrets on the bottom, one on the nose and one near the back.

It would also have two regular avenger turrets on top for anti aircraft.You can instantly switch between turrets like the avenger, not the useless bombushka and volotal.

3. Don't say it's op as jets could easily come to you and fight you,and atm there is really no combating jets. We would now have a bomber in game that is actually viable.

4. Hey rockstar, if you see this, name it Goliath for me why don't ya ;)


PERSONAL NUCLEAR SUB: I won't go into too much detail on this one, a big sub you can also walk around inside(it already has an interior in-game) it has an orbital cannon room,torpedoes,among other things, this seems simple to implement and is also badass.


OTHER THINGS I WANT IN THIS DLC: This dlc would bring lots of new modern fighter jets, weaponized boats, an underwater propeller to go along with the scuba suit(you grab it with both hands and swim twice as fast as scuba suit and 4x as fast as regular non-scuba speed). A wingsuit for 200k would also be an amazing addition to the game.New mk2 weapons are an obvious addition, but I would love a mk2 minigun(give it the tri-barrel look) even though I honestly prefer the 9barrel look MUCH MORE over the tri barrel. FMJ rounds,to make it even more effective against vehicles, and incindiery rounds(incendiary Round are sh*t on most weapons because they only have a proc chance of around 20%, but because of the minigun's insane rpm, 20% means guaranteed constant fire procs).A specific fighter jet I would love to see is the A10D Thunderbolt,I've always been a huge fan of it and would be badass in gta online.


ACTIVITIES IN THE CARRIER/SUB: arm wrestling, darts, a game of warship in the lounge area, another one could be fighting in the hangar area of your ship, like the ballad of gay tony's cage fighting, you would fight some of the ships crew members in there(they guys that walk around protecting the ship), having ten fights to beat, with the tenth being extremely hard.


PS: If you don't agree with ANY of the things I said here, don't hate, just reply with the things YOU would like to see in game. I just wrote this up because it's pretty clears at least 90% of the player base would LOVE to see thing happen.


YOUTUBERS: If you like my concept, please feel free to make a video on it and spread the word. I'm talking to you gtamen,sonny Evans,datSaintsFan, mrbossftw, pyrealmGaming, and the rest of you guys.


ROCKSTAR: Though I know none of my ideas will probably make it to the game, if you see this,please consider what ive said. I love your game and have wanted a personal carrier and AC130 for the longest time.

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This is what we want?


Pretty sad if I'm honest.



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The key to Rockstars heart:


Wishlist Thread

Edited by REXX
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